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Race and ethnicity have become evolving topics of discussion in the recent years. People will identify themselves with certain races based on their skin color and origin. Race is a group of people who have characteristics in common, which define them. Race and ethnicity mostly go together. Ethnicity, however, is a collection of individuals considered to have a unique culture different from others. The subject of race and ethnicity carry a long history since the times of colonization. This is a time when Africans were oppressed by the whites because of their black skin. Race has a large influence on the way people interact with each other in any society. For example, in the United States, groups will form social-political constructs based on the races, which they consider themselves to belong. Having travelled to the United States with my parents, we had to look for a means of survival. Working in a Chinese restaurant, in a small town in the United States, I experienced discrimination from the European Americans and black because of the skin color.

I have witnessed how race plays a crucial role in the way people interact in a multiracial society. The world consists of people of different races who must live together in harmony. The role, which race plays in the society, must be positive to ensure peaceful coexistence because, for example, when I was serving customers in my parent’s restaurant, American customers could look down upon me due to my color. It came to my realization how ethnicity could even ruin a business because some customers could not return after discovering a black owns it. Where race is used to oppress a group of people it results in racism. Race in the society helps in the process of care and service delivery. Races, which form the minority groups, are considered in service delivery. Race has defined the control of institutions of power in the society. The majority who form the greater representation controls the races and ethnic groups, which form the minority.

Race is crucial as a means of identity for an individual. Race helps people to feel a sense of identity and belonging within which they express a high degree of morals and self-righteousness. Race has shaped the political ideology in many countries. Political parties, especially in the developing countries with multiracial population, are formed based on race. Race has also influenced the employment sector, especially in the United States. For example, Hispanics in the USA are still stigmatized because of the color of their skin. This also explains the discrimination I encountered while serving customers in our hotel. As a result, their employers pay them little wages. Racism occurs because people cannot embrace diversity and accept other people’s culture. The subject of race in the United States has been ongoing, and people have argued that race has influenced how Americans make their decisions. The way whites view the progress in race relations is different from how blacks view it. The whites believe that people of different races are relating well, and racism is way down to its end.

Race is essential as a means of identity for an individual. Race helps people to feel a sense of identity and belonging within which they express a high degree of morals and self-righteousness. However, if race is used wrongly, it has dire consequences on the minority groups. The world is comprised of people from different places, and from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is a collective responsibility for all people to embrace diversity, and appreciate each other in order to coexist peacefully.a


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