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First pre-planning is essential so as to know the stakeholders and players involved in the process of strategic planning where the stakeholders are the public and health physicians. Then assessment of the local community in terms of the community resources, barriers to development, and the general environment follows. Realistic objectives, strategies and goals are then formulated. Evaluation, prioritization, and identification of the appropriate projects to carry out in order to achieve the laid down goals will then follow. Plan of action is then developed in terms of the resources required, and setting up the sequel of events towards achieving the laid down goals. After this point the action plans are then carried out in full swing (Plan Software).

Interventions to ensure low consumption of tobacco include increased taxation on the product, fighting for legislations to restrict smoking in public areas, extensive ban on tobacco products advertisement, passing on health warning signs and labels all over the community, physical advice and therapy on nicotine replacement. Public awareness through the media should be done regularly on the effects of physical inactivity, and the consumption of unhealthy diets.

Health care is of importance in that with the right and effective health care programmes the community would be health thus increase the overall economic production. Therefore, efforts have to be put to address the virtual and non economic barriers which hinder the smooth delivering of better health care in the state. To achieve this, rules and laws have to be enacted to ensure that every citizen has access to health care as well as insurance.

Stakeholders to be incorporated in this initiative include the insurance providers, non-governmental organizations, and the law bodies to draft legislations, private health sector amongst others. Support from the above stakeholders should be on a clear basic understandings that our main aim is to streamline healthcare delivery within the State and ensure that no hidden agendas. Poor provider performance is a major barrier that needs to be done away with so as to ensure that health care is delivered effectively and in time. Another huddle to cross is poor public education of which is wide spread in the State therefore it’s of importance that it is dealt with.

Reforms needed in the health sector include starting performance contracts to health physicians which will definitely improve their efficiency; enacting laws which would make all companies cover their employees in terms of insurance. Many efforts will be put in place to ensure that the goals set for attaining an improved health care delivery are achieved and since funding has been guaranteed by the state budget hopes are very high towards accomplishing the same and the initiative is estimated to take around one year.


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