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Free «Nuclear Energy in the UAE» Essay Sample

According to the videos and articles, nuclear energy is a new and viable future energy concept to consider. The venture presents fundamental pros and cons in the exploration of the nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can be the best alternative energy in terms of profitability and long term growth that it presents. However, the venture is a moral hazard and risky business as many countries are fighting over the scarce resource. The energy is known to have a high degree of radiation leakage and the effects can be devastating as seen in the Nagasaki and Hiroshima experiences. The latest scare at Fukushima is also a strong warning to the countries that are considering nuclear energy as a viable option. The effects call for UAE to consider other alternative sources of future energy which have risks to human life and the ecosystem.

There are other alternative future energy sources that the country can adopt. This includes the safer energy sources like solar and wind energy. The country can still continue to explore gas, oil, and electrical power which are the key sources of energy in the country. In addition, the country can develop the shale gas energy that USA is already trying to develop. The sources of energy can significantly sustain the country’s future energy needs. However, the country can still adopt the nuclear energy by putting considerations on the risks presented in the venture. This needs proper planning from the government on the best possible ways of exploring the nuclear energy without endangering people’s lives and the environment. The adoption and use of the latest technologies is the best alternative route to take in exploring the nuclear energy. This will greatly help in maximizing the benefits of nuclear without neglecting potential risks. Measures must also be put in place to avoid reoccurrence of events such Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


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