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Certificate of Need (CON) regulations were enacted in the U.S. with the prime purpose of restraining health costs by restraining unnecessary duplication and proliferation of healthcare facilities and to improve the quality of care by regionalization of chosen form of surgical and other measures which would enhance volume-excellence relationship. Heart surgeon program is widely known to be a very profitable service thus after the CON regulations was lifted in Pennsylvania in 1996 to 1997 and again in 2007 to 2008 this saw a tremendous increase in open-heart facilities as the market was free of regulations and everyone wanted to invest in this highly profitable venture (Farah, 2012).

Emergence of these new programs was not necessary as the previous facilities were delivering care appropriately. These changes were highly felt in the healthcare system as the efficiency of surgical facilities deteriorated together with the highly trained surgeon teams.

In order to down size the number of these programs, quality assurance need to be carried out and ensure that only the facilities performing higher volumes of complex surgeries are the ones let to operate. CON-based healthcare environment is the only efficient road to an effective and low cost healthcare thus wouldn’t hesitate fighting for it to be put in place again (Farah, 2012).

Case #2

Organizational performance at Montefiore health center should apply operational methods of measuring their performance where they check whether customer satisfaction is attained and at what level, to assess the level of healthcare the organization has brought to the community by contacting research studies.

Many investors come up with healthcare facilities with the main goal of achieving financial milestone. Thus many don’t put quality and community satisfaction in mind as they see the venture as entirely a business one.

The Montefiore governing board should fully support the health center by offering financial support so as to set up other centers of excellence all over the community. Also ensure that they improve the enumeration of the health personnel so as to ensure customer satisfaction and improved health care delivery. The management team should invest much in carrying out administrational work throughout the health center to ensure proper supervision of the workforce towards the attainment of efficiency. Through proper coordination amongst the various Montefiore stakeholders and proper governance makes it possible for the organization to achieve high performance rates. 


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