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Eating is a vital activity which sustains life. Many people don’t give a great deal of attention to the dilemma of food use or else to the value of foodstuff they consume regularly. Obesity may be a personal issue but at the same time our families and communities are all negatively affected and all have to bear responsibility for this unhealthy lifestyle.

In the U.S., the children form a large percentage of the population who has obese health issues. Many children are sufferers of a diversity of health troubles which are majority being imposed by the deficiency of good quality nourishment and also bodily activity. In this emerging new decade, sugary, fatty, and fast food have grown to be a style in our civilization. Majority of the American kids are used to these foodstuffs and regrettably consume this diet since their head providers introduce them into this unhealthful diet. Not merely do the kids have an insufficient nourishing diet, they as well lack bodily activity in their fast growing lives. The parents who have high control of whatever their children eat, have to make sure that the foodstuff brought in the household is of the right nutrition since they are the primary role models in the lives of their kids. In fact all Parents ought to support their kids to have an active and nutritious lifestyle. In general, parents are always held accountable for their kids’ health (Schwimmer, Burwinkle & Varni, 2003).



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The overall tendency of childhood obesity in the U.S. extensively designate that the obesity pervasiveness throughout the country has been on a steep rise to actually distressing proportions. Some researchers have shown that numerous questions have remained unanswered regarding to the consequences, extent, and nature of this predicament (Marcus & Baron , n.d.).

Childhood obesity is a very sensitive matter as it touches our future or rather tomorrow generation thus it should be analyzed and discussed in depth and being awarded much care. Obesity forms a basis of a health risk to the kids affected as it sometimes pose harmful consequences on the child’s body in various ways. For instance, obese kids are more likely to experience breathing issues like asthma, and sleep apnea, complications like diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. There are also health problems like heartburn, gallstones, fatty liver illness, musculoskeletal soreness, and joint problems. There also arise psychological and social problems which include low self-esteem, and discrimination (DNPAO - CDC. 2012).

Many researchers and theorists have come up with explanations on the definition of obesity and according to me I see it as a disease as it results from biological and genetic factors where even some studies have linked it to heredity. On the contrary, there are opposes which try to argue out that obesity emanates from one’s environment, eating habits, and lifestyle. All these two views are correct what just brings the disparity is at what angle one tries to scrutinize it from. For instance in the argument that the phenomenon of obesity in children doesn’t automatically cause body impairment to the affected kid is compelling and has strong truth in it. In fact many kids who have their BMI in the range of obesity live a pretty normal live with no physical impairment of any kind (Marcus & Baron, n.d.).

Also the point that obesity in children is highly influenced or rather brought about by the current sedentary lifestyles other than illnesses is highly applicable. The present times have been engulfed by technology and you find that many children as compared to 50 years ago spend lots of time watching television, computer using, commuting, and even spending considerable time in video gaming thus taking little time in bodily exercising.

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Another legit argument about childhood obesity is that this phenomenon has no specific characteristics symptoms or signs which typically describe it like other diseases do. The only known feature about obesity if the trend of excess fat which collectively defines obesity itself. Furthermore many obese kids live a long life with no any attack by the so called obese related diseases like diabetes. This is an acceptable point of argument as studies have also confirmed the same the same statement.

From my point of view, I see childhood obesity as largely to be a disease emanating from genetic or biological backgrounds. Many scientists have come up with researches which show that obesity can be to a great extend associated with the hereditary of the affected therefore making it applicable to be termed as a disease. Also to some people it has been shown that obesity has caused massive impairment to their body functioning which is caused by abnormalities in the intake of food and the outflow of energy. Take note that this effect just happens to some children who are suffering from obesity and not all (Marcus & Baron, n.d.).

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The assumption that obesity usually causes a decrement of a child’s life expectancy is unfounded as numerous obese kids have grown to even attain a great old age. Again the phenomenon of obesity exposes children to risks of contacting other diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes thus forming a compelling basis to argue out that obesity can bring out other lines of diseases.

Childhood obesity is costing much especially to the government which has to carryout children’s treatments of complications emanating from the menace of obesity. Westernization and adoption of the current lifestyles surrounded by technology has been argued to be behind the rise of childhood obesity in the country and in fact worldwide but it can also be put down that also considerable number of obese cases have been found to emanate from biological and hereditary backgrounds thus described as a disease. This actually forms an agreement that both factors are responsible for causing obesity increment in our youngsters and quick interventions need to be put in place to counter that rise.


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