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Zombies are menace creatures which cause a lot of horror to the society. The Austin community is extremely terrified by the recent happenings and threats of flesh-eating zombies lurking around their town so to avoid being bitten by them many fled to higher grounds. But several hundred Austinians together with me ran to St. Edwards University grounds for safety. Therefore I am going to come up with plans and recommendations pertaining innovations to be carried out within the school compound to ensure that everyone inside the institution is safe from those zombies.

St. Edward University is situated a few minutes’ walk from business district of Austin. The campus compound is surrounded by a high concrete wall with gates which are locked all the time electronically. On the top of the wall there is an installed electric wire to add more security from invaders. This wall together with the electric wire would offer defensive fortification from zombies (St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas).



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The institution has newly constructed resident halls namely Le Mans and Hunt. They have large and spacious room suites and all contain well refurbished dining rooms, kitchens and big recreation rooms. Thus these halls will be suitable for accommodation of all those residents who have camped in the school (Residence Halls).

The neighboring Austin town is rich in food resources thus each one who has taken shelter at the school on fear of the zombies will contribute tangible amounts of money so that large amounts of food majorly the durable ones is bought from the town and by use of the school bus is transported into the school and stored in one of the halls being used for accommodation. This will ensure that food security and sustainability is achieved and that throughout the time these people will stay within the institution they do not starve. Water accessibility is high since the school is supplied with several lines of water pipes from the town reservoir. In case of water shortage the institution also has several boreholes and they would act as substitutes in the event of emergencies.

Since accommodation will be in the residential village which is composed of Lemans and Hunt halls, this will ensure that everyone is close to a health and counseling hub as the village houses all that. In the event that anyone falls sick, he or she will have quick access to medical help as several healthcare professionals have been identified among the camping people and they have volunteered to give medical assistance (Residence Halls).

Energy is widely spread out in the school and mainly from electricity. This is quite reliable source of energy. However, we are not sure if the zombies won’t damage the electricity sub-station near the school, so several people have volunteered to run to their home places as they live near the school and bring in their solar panels, cooking gas cylinders, and coal if it is available for. With all this we will be sure that in the event that electricity fails, we have other alternative sources of energy. My friend who is an electrician has agreed to help us in installing the solar panels (Residence Halls).

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Lastly a major project I propose is to build a three meter tall wall around the residential village. Resources are available as the institution is still undertaking construction projects at the moment thus building equipment like concrete mixers, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes and even materials like building blocks, cement, and concrete are available within the school compound. Some of those building engineers who were carrying out the school’s projects are among the people who are camping in the school thus they will be of immense assistance in erecting the wall. There are about 450 of us therefore man-power will not be a challenge once construction has started. This new wall will act as another defensive fortification in case the zombies manage to break the fence surrounding the school (Campus Construction).


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