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In recent time photography is presented with a certain amount of restraint and sensitivity, particularly crime scene photography. For example, Pinney (2008) notes, if a rape victim has come to the fore for justice then her wounds and bruises are camouflaged. This is done purely to protect the honor and self respect of the wronged lady. The horror of the incident need not be rubbed into her skin any further. Also, let us assume that an accused has been made to stand in the witness box and a photograph is presented to throw light on his case. However, in the background one can see the picture of a famous militant which was probably put up earlier. This case if not properly explained to the jury could simply make the members in the jury wonder if the ‘most wanted’ face on the wall has influenced his rigmarole. In both cases if the context is well explained, the jury is sure to buy it.

Crime photography is, according to Chari (2009) “more probative than prejudicial/inflammatory” (p.528). This is true as the photo is used as the middle stage of investigation especially in a crime scene. It allows us to probe and look deeper into the photograph (the basic requisite for an investigation) and decipher why certain things are unexplained, certain articles are around but they have no significance and how they are relevant to the progress of the case. For example while examining a murder scene if a pair of glasses is found, a question automatically arises – the victim never wore glasses so that do these belong to? So if a dead body is photographed and the pictures are made available, then the probing starts regarding the position in which the body is kept. This will then assist in understanding the way the body fell and eventually how the murder happened.

Scientists and investigators have to work in tandem for a case to be closed without any loopholes. According to Piehl (1995) detectives and forensic experts can appreciate the influx of hi end technology but they have to make the best use of them in order to ensure the successful result of a case. Notes must be exchanged between the two from time to time and investigators should report back to the scientists with any discrepancies found so that the next time, the research is more accurate. Also, they should keep checking with each other regarding the progress each one is making specifically so because the investigators can ask the scientists to improve their contribution if needed. The two parties need all the luck so let us hope the best happens for both.


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