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In the contemporary society, systems are so much complex that both architects and programmers have to work hand in hand in order to come up with numerous lines of custom-written codes that aid in driving businesses. As an immediate solution to the problem, several systems development life-cycle models have been put in place: rapid prototyping, waterfall, and spiral. Most people, however, recognize waterfall as the most efficient model (Bender RBT Inc., 2003). In waterfall model, the output of each stage becomes the input of the next stage. It has, however, six common stages which include: system analysis, design, built, test, deploy, and maintainers.

System analysis takes into consideration the root cause of problem, the main areas affected, and the stakeholders, who are the victims of the circumstance (Bender RBT Inc., 2003). A documentation of the overall business requirement can be made in the system analysis stage. The next stage, system design, however, deals with how the initially identified problems can be dealt with appropriately. The most fundamental designs in the systems development life-cycle, however, include functional and technical designs.

The next stage is the build stage. At this point, the actual task of creating the new system and database commences. The actual programs and relevant documentation are put in place. The stage is immediately followed with the testing stage, which ensures that the new built system works efficiently with other old systems running within the environment.

The last two stages are referred to as deployment and maintenance stages. In deployment, after the new system’s efficiency is approved it is made available to the final users via computers. The final stage is maintenance where the new system has to be fully maintained by the approved administrators for purpose of efficiency and reliability of its functions; this ensures a complete life-cycle of a system development.


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