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Aquinas Aristotle (non ferrous customer): Hallo Sir? It is not the first time we are meeting.

Ruskin Smith (owner of the warehouse): Well my name is Mr. Aquinas, a businessman exclusively dealing with non ferrous metal.

Aquinas Aristotle: That is great; it is my pleasure to meet you. Yes, now I remember you were featured recently in a talk show, in the television.

Ruskin Smith: It is my pleasure to meet you too.

Aquinas Aristotle: Yes, now I remember you were featured recently in a talk show in the television.

Ruskin Smith: There has been the latest talk on shortage of aluminum metal in the market, and many people have been blaming warehouse owners on the shortage.

Aquinas Aristotle: I guess you are the right. Please explain to me what is really happening because with the current blame game going on, it becomes difficult to establish the whole truth.

Ruskin Smith: Having been established in the year 1870, the company is happens to be an exclusive market that sells, so this gives the company a responsibility of being the best in the industry.

Aquinas Aristotle: Then, the experience should give the company an opportunity to handle challenges that they experience.

Ruskin Smith: This is the main reason the company handles risks on behalf of consumers, and the policy assists the consumers against price control.



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Aquinas Aristotle: I feel the company has to be more responsible since the warehouses are a significant feature in the running of the LME.

Ruskin Smith: I agree with you, and that is the main reason why the company is involved in controlling the price of the metals. People should understand that, the function of the warehouse owners is to consider the interest of those buying the metals.

Aquinas Aristotle: I think in this case, then that has totally been ignored in that customers are not in a position to get the minerals, and at the same time the warehouses are fully stocked with the minerals.

Ruskin Smith: The Company has been in force since 1870. Being the pioneers of the metal market, our customers have always been the center of interest.

Aquinas Aristotle: If that is the truth, what has the company done to deal with the shortage of the metals?

Ruskin Smith: The prices of the metals keep on fluctuating everyday because the prices of the metal in the market are liable assumption and the supply demand.

Aquinas Aristotle: But this does not give the warehouse owners a reason to sit back, and watch when the consumer is being exploited, why the company should pretend to be acting now when the situation is out of hand?

Ruskin Smith: Apart from the buying of the metals, the London metal exchange company has been in the forefront of helping those who are in possession of the non ferrous metals, a chance that assures them of getting some money regardless of the fluctuation of the prices in the market. This protects them from experiencing losses (The London Metal Exchange, 2011).

Aquinas Aristotle: I still feel this is not enough; because the latest shortage of the non ferrous metal in the market is artificial. It has been caused by the warehouse owners, in order to sell them at a higher price in the market.

Ruskin Smith: Look at it from a different point of view, the organization has come up with many warehouses that stock the metals. At the same time, this is where they are stored making it to be in a position to control the price of the metals.

Aquinas Aristotle: I do not see how the whole idea of price controls is helping the customer, when we can not get the metals on time at the time when they are needed.

Ruskin Smith: The exchange company has formulated a policy of releasing the commodity in the market, so as to control the price and curb the shortage.

Aquinas: There has been an outcry by the consumers about the quality of aluminum metal in the market. What do you plan to do about that, as the warehouse owners?

Ruskin Smith: This is not the case, as the warehouses have been known to release only a limited number of the commodity in the market, so as to influence the prices of the metal.

Aquinas: The warehouses act as a link between consumers, and dealers of the product, and definitely would act in the interest of the consumer. This has been the objective of the company, since time immemorial.

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Ruskin Smith: The fluctuating prices of the commodity have been caused by the artificial shortage by the owners of the warehouses, so as to get more profits. This is not fair, as the consumer has to contend with higher prices.

Aquinas: The LME is currently releasing a larger quantity of the commodity in the market; this is because they are obligated to control the price of metals in the market, also to ensure that they are up to standard.

Ruskin Smith: The Company insists that they have strict regulations in running the warehouses, but that seems to be the opposite, in that the warehouse owners can not control the non ferrous market anymore.

Aquinas: The quantity of metal that leaves the warehouse is regulated, and this happens to be part of the regulations. Therefore, the entity provides strict regulation of the amounts of metal that leaves the warehouse.

Ruskin Smith: Why is it that the company is inconveniencing the customers, in that one has to stand in the long queue as one is waiting to get the metal delivery ordered? Can the company come up with other channels of delivering the product that is not time wasting?

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Aquinas: This has been caused by rumors, that there is an inadequate supply of the commodity in the market, which is not factual as we are in control of the situation because excessive release of the product in the market would lead to disarray.

Ruskin Smith: It is common knowledge, that the warehouses are taking advantage of the situation to exploit the consumers, by causing the shortage, so as to reap more profits from the shortage.

Aquinas Aristotle: The Company is guided by principles and seeks to provide quality service to customers as without them then the company cans not exists.

Ruskin Smith: The aluminum company is practicing malpractices especially in the warehouse section which are affecting the buying and purchases of the aluminum metals. This is also affecting the aluminum business since it is also resulting to the escalating prices which are extremely inconvenience to the customers.

Aquinas Aristotle: The manufacturing process of the aluminum metal is a very prolonged procedure that actually takes a long period of time. This actually affects the manner in which the metals are transferred from one place to another. Because of the delay in supply of the raw materials, it might also directly or indirectly cause to delay in the manufacture of the metals.

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Ruskin Smith: The warehouses of the aluminum metals that are in charge of supplying the metals are actually affecting the nature of supply of the metals. This creates longer queues that actually make it particularly difficult for consumers to purchase the metals. This is an extremely difficult aspect facing both the constructing and building sites.

Aquinas Aristotle: in some areas, the supply of the aluminum products is affected by the poor infrastructures in the area. Most of the places especially those away from the towns and the main distributors are usually affected by poor roads. The roads that are usually used by the trucks to distribute the aluminum rods are usually delayed by the poor roads. The poor conditions of the roads in most cases affect the trucks even leading to break-down. This usually takes two to three days before the trucks are repaired hence late in supply of materials. This leads to the long queues once the Lorries arrive with the products.

Ruskin Smith: The prices of the aluminum products keep on varying; hence the prices are usually diversified in different places. In some towns, the prices are cheaper while in some other places, the price are more expensive thus making it very difficult to purchase the metals in some other places (Farchy, 2011).

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Aquinas Aristotle: The name and the reputation of the company are at stake, so what do you intend to do about that as the services offered by the company happen to be of low quality?

Ruskin Smith: The organization has developed mechanisms of improving the quality of the non ferrous metal that are released in the market. This will ease the efficient delivery of the commodities to the consumers. The effect of this is that it would lead to a price reduction of the commodity; hence; making it available to each individual who needs it (Banks, 2003).

Aquinas Aristotle: Why is it difficult for the company to avail the commodities in all the locations without discrimination? I feel the company has the capability to do so?

Ruskin Smith: Transporting the mineral to places like London is difficult but there are warehouses that have been given the responsibility of storing the already processed metal.

Aquinas Aristotle: Hope the company is going to act quickly, as this is vital in restoring the faith of consumers, and trust that we had in the company.

Ruskin Smith: Yes, definitely that is our endeavor, and hopes to curb the current shortage of metals in the market.

Aquinas Aristotle: The customers are really going through a hard time, please do something about it.

Ruskin Smith: We will definitely, and keep that in mind.

Aquinas Aristotle: I have to go now and thanks for your time, I do not want you to get rained on. Thanks for your time and wish you all the best.

Ruskin Smith: Thanks to you to, and I believe I have clarified some issues about this sensitive matter. Have a nice time.


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