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James Madison argues that the only way to eliminate the effects of factions can only be attained through removing what caused it in the first place or controlling its effects so as not to be multiplied. The first option that James supports is the idea of controlling the reasons that lead to the development of factions. This involves having to do away with liberty as a result of it being an associate of faction (Losco & Baker, 2010). It is therefore possible that liberty was a result of the American Revolution and so it has to be present for any prosperity to be realized in politics. He further suggests that the diversity of people’s ideas should be controlled so as to make them succeed more or less in their endeavours.

On the other hand, James Madison argues that it is only a new constitution that will limit the negative impacts that is associated with factions. For instance, he points out that through a new constitution, there will be measures that can stop the activities of the factions who cannot be contained or stopped. The new constitution, according to Madison, stipulates that the factions will be granted restrictions that allow them to participate in the American political process (Losco & Baker, 2010). Consequently, they will have to compromise between themselves with an aim of playing a vital role in the political process. The checks and balances initiated in the new constitution will also serve to monitor the activities of the factions as political actors.

The interest that end up being represented as the results of activities carried out by the interest groups include the minority who cannot have their problems and issues addressed directly by the politicians. The groups remain the link that associates the politicians with the real issues on the grassroots (Losco & Baker, 2010). The interest groups create awareness on the issues and challenges that are considered minor in the society. Their role is usually to educate the political elite on their roles which they at times neglect to perform. K Street Paradox that is presented on page 198-99 involves the complications involved in trying to do away with various groups that support parties that promote the minority interests.


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