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Performance enhancing drugs should be banned from all events. This is because they give an unfair advantage to the user over the mo users. Such a scenario is bound to bring about discouragement on the part of non user. Such discouragements lead to withdrawal of athlete from events. Sports events depend on athlete’s registration for revenue, if the athletes are discouraged and fail to register in competition then the sport is bound to face systematic extinction. Based on this argument it is important to conclude that drug use in sporting events causes more harm than good to the general society. Supporters of this practice argue that the body needs stimulants due to the amount of stress it faces during these activities (Waller, 2009). Though this is admissible in biological thinking, morally, the use if drugs in sporting events should be stopped. The scientists support the practice based on research done on the drugs. They argue that most of the drugs have no side effects and enhance the muscles. This logic may only be allowed if one is not doing it for competitive purposes.

Issues of homosexuals should be treated with utmost care that they deserve. This should not be taken as my support for this immoral; practice. All one needs to do is to understand that the practice is being perpetuated by fellow human beings and that they have feelings like anyone else. It has to be noted that even homosexual have their rights that need to be respected just like any other individual. The topic is a controversial one that does not need introduction. Religious teachings abhor the practice of homosexuals to an extent that it may attract a death sentence. Both the Quran and the bible have cited certain event in history where homosexuality was widely condemned as an act contrary to nature’s expectation (Ashcroft, 2007). The amount of time invested in campaigns against homosexuals is enough evidence to show how the practice is immoral. If same sex marriages are allowed in the country, the first victim of these practices will be the population. Due to same sex marriage, rearing of children will be impossible as the couples will depend on adoption. This is one part of same sex marriage that has been ignored for a long time. Population decrease is bound to happen when natural principles of marriage are not observed. The effects of population decrease are; drop in GDP, economic downgrade and vulnerability to extinction. Although the last point may seem too radical, it is important to note that systematic drop in population has lied to extinction of some tribes in the world. This is one occurrence that should be prevented by all means( Elder& Paul,2009). The campaign against death sentence is one event that I attended and took a stand according to my belief in morals facts. The campaign seeks to stop this practice and replace it with life sentences. This is because the sentence has not served its purpose which was supposed to deter cases of murder. Contrary to expectation, even with the use if this senrtence, murder cases have continued to rise globally. This is a moral l fact that has to be considered by all when debating about death sentences.


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