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Dreams and Inward Journeys is a combination of a rich mixture of both academic and personal essays touching on various issues like for instance gender, spirituality, fairly tales and myths, poems, stories, technology, nature popular culture, sexuality among others. Some of these essays includes Sissela's “Aggression: The Impact of Media” in Chapter Eight and Eerden Jessie's “The soul has six wings”.Both of the essays revolve around dreams in daily lives of individuals (Ford 1990).

According to an article by Sissela Bok, “Aggression: The Impact of media Violence”, there is an adrenaline rush that is known to directly respond to an aggressor effect that identified the immediate and short term impact or effect on viewers after they are exposed to television violence. It is through the article that it can be ascertained how youths have felt the urge of committing the same type of violence previously seen on television on the people in their own communities. Youths are misled by believing that the fact that since many of the characters who are seen to be heroic in such media end up not being punished for their wrong actions, then it was also acceptable for them to commit the same actions of violence and follow in the footsteps of such characters. This has therefore led to detrimental effects in the society. According to Sissela, the Television set has become the lens through which most young people learn about violence. The magnifying power of the lens makes the daily lives of such children to be suffused by images of family violence , shootings, kidnappings, gang warfare and other issues which are known to immensely contribute to violence in societies.

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The elimination of youths towards early exposure towards violent media will actually give them enough room and space for them to become mature without being influenced by images and negative information regarding violence. This will make the youths to become more disciplined during their teenage years and even in adulthood. The youth society has been known to praise violent wrongdoers because of their toughness and courage thus greatly playing a big role in the children's criminal motives. This essay is essential in that it presents one of the social problems being faced by the society and further offers practicable solutions on how the situation can be solved. In order to increase violence in societies, then the media should limit images of such cases that are exposed to young people.

According to Jessie's “The Soul has six wings” a mystic is expressed how she takes a peek at the Almighty God and the does all she could in order to show the rest of the people what she show. Instead of using image language, the Mystic instead uses image language in an effort to present to other people the biggest things that she has discovered. The Mystic therefore presents and wields the best stuff that is never imagined while agreeing to a bit of revelation regarding an hour in front of God. The mystic still does not abandon the might power of tradition even if she claims to have met with God. Through this article, it can be ascertained that despite people believing in God, they still have strong inclinations towards there own traditions and thus making the soul to have distinct wings. The article further explains how human religious beliefs and specifically spirituality is divided into six distinctive parts that are known to guide the soul in religious and spiritual matters.

The two essays are different in the fact that while Sissela's essay describes a social problem facing many societies across the world, Jessie's essay presents spiritual dilemmas faced by the soul of a human beings. All in all, all articles express various issues and offers solutions on how they are the way they are.


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