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Stop Kiss is a play with a series that leads up to and after a kiss. The aftermath of a first kiss is reflected through flash-forward / flashback style, which makes the audience to see the development of a relationship. The play is about Sara (Emilia Stawick) and Callie or Marin Kohler, who both have a history of dating men and whose attraction to each other lead them to an apprehensive path. Despite being friends, the two are known to contrast each other because of their behaviors. The occurrence of their first kiss in a park leads to a violent and tragic attack by a man. A strong performance is portrayed by Kohler through the juxtaposition of various scenes just before and after the attack calling for various transitions between laughter, shock, anger, friendship, sadness and concern, which happen quite first. Someone watching the play can become mesmerized by the way Kohler hangs out with Sarah when she describes the attack and one can’t imagine how she performs all the scenes in the play back to back.

On the contrary, the role played by Stawicki called for more reservation and steadiness and it is through her movement, physicality and quiet grace that a solid grounding was provided for Kohler. From a timid school teacher at the start, Stawicki is at the end depicted as a woman who was ready to stand up for herself during a bad situation. A subtle strength and softness is brought by Stawicki which was in contrast with the beautifully disorganized life of Callie. An entirely believable situation in the world is created through the play’s exploration of gender roles, love and people’s reactions towards a homosexual relationship by Diana Son, a play right. This is done through avoiding stereotypical gay themes in a play that transcends the rights of gays in a story of two women who incredibly become strong friends and realize the chance to discover joy and love within a relationship. It is through the play that the audience realizes how a woman feels unprotected without a man in her life. A parental advisory is required since the play is about violence and same gender relationships.


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