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Jack and Ingrid have their leisure stay in a remote side of Sweden. Their quiet life is interrupted by a sniper attack and they run for cover. Jack kills the assailant and consequently his girlfriend Ingrid on suspicion that she had a hand in the attack. He then murders an unidentified man who is armed at a nearby roadside. He runs away to Rome where he gets in touch with his contact and associate in business Pavel. Pavel insists on sending him to a town situated in the mountains of Abruzzo and warns him to limit his social circles, and if possible to have no friends, which was the reason for the attack in Sweden.

Jack, however, goes to Castel Del Monte, a town that is nearer, and throws away the cell phone received from Pavel. Living there, he settles for the name Edward and claims to be a photographer. He interacts with the local priest who insists he seeks forgiveness, but as expected, he refuses and takes one final job after contacting Pavel. He starts designing a sniper rifle to be used by a woman called Mathilde. At the same time, Edward meets a local woman called Clara, with whom he ends up having a relationship as the movie progresses. This is against the Pavel’s advice. Later, Mathilde meets Jack to collect the weapon, whose efficiency she asks to test by shooting at her. She then suggests some adjustments to it.



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After going for a simple date with Clara and one of her friends, Jack is attacked in the evening. He manages to kill the attacker, but grows in doubt of Clara, especially when he later finds a gun in her bag. He also sees her talking to some strange men and this further raises his doubts on her motives. He therefore organizes a picnic during which he aggressively demands explanations from Clara, who claims that the gun was for protection and the men seen with her were policemen investigating the murder of a client.

At this point, it is worth noting that Clara is a prostitute. Jack then delivers rifle to Mathilde and after making some adjustments, they immediately split ways. Pavel asks Mathilde if her mission is complete, but she responds that she was tailing Jack and would kill him. Later, Clara joyfully agrees to leave with Jack during a public procession of religious nature. At that moment Mathilde is aiming the rifle at Jack and fires. The rifle jams and injures her in the face, thus she falls from the rooftop to the pavement below. Jack rushes to her sprawled body on the ground and inquires who sent her, to which she responds that it is the same person who sent him. As Jack leaves to meet Clara, who he had asked to hurry to their picnic site, he realizes that he was being trailed by Pavel. Pavel shoots at him, but Jack is much faster and kills Pavel through a head shot. He drives hurriedly to meet Clara, stops on seeing her, but at the same time notices that he has a gut wound from Pavel; he collapses. Clara runs towards him screaming.

Mise en Scene

This is the setting of all elements which make up a movie as viewed on the screen (Gibbs, 23).


The film has a nice flowing theme but full of dialogues, which makes it a bit awkward. An example is the priest’s scene. I feel it had better been left out, because it does not play any important role in the whole movie. A good movie should have each and every scene play a greater role in the consequent scenes so as to retain the viewers’ interest throughout (Lehman and Luhr 48). One should feel that they missed something important if they skipped a certain scene.


This is an important part which brings the actors, their body language and the theme together through the aid of words (Baron, Carson, and Tomasulo 40). The actors are on point and the effect of their meticulous script grasp makes it flow naturally. There is a good balance between the body language and spoken words, which makes it more natural. Jack (Clooney) takes his role to a higher level by asserting himself in every scene in the right manner and especially breaks the boredom associated with lengthy dialogues.

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This is the process of capturing the movie scenes and how they are developed for screen appearance (Wheeler 10). This is often done to generate a certain mood or enhance a certain feeling, which makes the actions go hand in hand with the themes. In this movie, the shadows and luminous nature of scenes contribute a great deal to the overall creation of desired impact; an example can be a tension as viewed in the scene at the restaurant at the end of the movie.

Director’s Style

This is the mode or way the film director chooses or prefers to bring out his story. It normally makes viewers recognize or associate other productions to him due to preferred trademarks or signatures (Nelmes 425). The movie’s director is Anton Corbijn. He works well with suspense throughout the movie, because it is full of guesses that misdirect the viewer and anticipations that are enhanced through scenes full of tension.

Personal reaction

My favorite part was the rifle testing at the picnic site. It is an excellent movie, but I felt disappointed by the plot, because a man who is cut out to be cold and heartless does the right thing by dating a prostitute. This is necessary for his anonymity, but it is rather disappointing, because our tough man becomes soft and even wants to stay with Clara in the end. To my mind, he should have stayed as detached and cold as he was at the beginning of the film.


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