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The current events’ article for analysis is, “Electronic Signature Interoperability Summit – "CommonSign Warsaw 2012” conducted by European Commission on 25 October 2012. According to the article, following the positive results experienced after last year’s Polish Interoperability Test for Electronic signature, another Electronic Signature Interoperability Summit (common sign Warsaw 2012 summit) would be held between 25 and 26th October 2012 in Copernicus Centre in Warsaw. Owing to the comments received concerning last year’s event, the summit will consist of a regular test set and addition of new tests. The main aim of this event is the construction of interoperability operations of electronic signatures on the level of shared information exchange and collaboration between the involved participants. The summit will also involve presentations on consistency in the area of electronic signature and a symposium on solutions and prospects for e-signature technologies and interoperability.

This event relates to the topic e-signatures, which has been covered this semester. Just as discussed in class, standardization in the area of e-signatures and e-contracts is highly important as it ensures privacy, authentication, and non-replication. Use of e-signatures and certificates has been greatly impended by lack of standards. Therefore, it is important that countries should make it a priority to standardize their e-signature infrastructure. The summit will also have a session on legal environment of e-signatures, which is a major topic covered in class. In relation to law, it is important that every electronic signature certification provider authenticate the identity of the participant in accordance to the national law of the applicable country. The article is of high importance in relation to legal environment of e-signatures. The results of such an event will be of great importance, as they will explain in detail the various legal necessities that should be met by every e- signature certification-server provider.


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