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Dear mom,

Am glad you all are doing well. Life has become unbearable, following the great job cuts in the job markets. This has finally rendered me jobless and efforts to revamp back are proving futile, especially during these hard times in the American job markets. This situation has pushed most of the low-income workers into intolerable poverty levels thus denying them a chance to make a decent livelihood or even getting the life’s basics like food, housing and health insurance. Of late, have found myself being in situation where I forego meals due to the financial constrains am undergoing currently. Efforts to reach out to a food relief organization are also not materializing because, ever since the government withheld funds that used to fund these charitable organizations, there have been several limitations within the organizations provisions; most of which deny credible needy cases with total aloofness. This has forced them to raise their criteria of helping only those who are completely homeless.

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Relying on friends has also become difficult since, most of these households owned by low-income or middle-class income are undergoing great food insecurity. Relying on them would be equivalent to, adding up to other people’s problems. Mom, this hunger prevalence has been caused by selfish federal policies that stripped the safety kit set aside to cater for such occurrences. The worst bit is that, the government we are expecting to come to our rescue seems not to be moved by the situation. This is even after a group of doctors and journalists moved around the various states carrying out a survey on hunger prevalence in the states. Their findings were overwhelmingly shocking, although the government has of late embarked on a discrediting mission, of the great revelation. This has left us at the mercy of the compassionate fellow Americans, who have coordinated to give us leftovers at various meal centers and the neighborhood food banks. This as well is not that easy. Being an immigrant, I have faced several racial discrimination instances, from the supposedly caring people who would not forget to remind me of my sorry state.

Thank God am not yet married to endure the unbearable pain of watching my children succumb to hunger. I have seen my friends sending their children to schools so that they can get food supplies. They are also advised to save some to eat as supper because it has become an unaffordable luxury. I have witnessed young and old people alike resulting to crimes like stealing to feud for them. Although have not reached that level, I can’t blame them. It is on several occasions that have seen children rummaging the garbage for leftovers as well as, the cases of many women dying out of starvation to feed their children. Many are time have had to skip meals to make my $40 monthly budget on food and healthcare workable.

This widespread challenge, that the government has been in constant denial of its existence, has become prevalent even amongst the soldiers fighting outside our country. This revelation has stirred lots of mixed feelings with most of the countrymen lobbying for better and dignified provisions to the underpaid soldiers who put their lives on the line for our welfare. Although I do not dispute the above plea, I wish the same would be said about the rest of the suffering American fraternity, especially those living below and slightly above the poverty line as per the World Bank’s declaration. As I windup, I wish you all the best back home and wish that your prayers will speedily bring about the desirable changes to me and other get back on our feet and not as beggars, but decent and dignified hardworking Americans.

Your loving son, ME


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