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In the 21st century, I encounter many experiences in my day-to-day activities. I interact with various people from different cultures at my workplace since globalization has resulted into workforce diversity. These people have different beliefs, norms, and values, and hence I have the opportunity to learn these practices from various cultures. Cultural values define who we are, whom we will become, and how the future generation will live; hence the interaction enriches what we already have. I would say that my day-to-day activities are composed of my habitual behaviors such as saying a word of prayer before waking up every morning, visiting the elderly people in my neighborhood every Saturday to help and give them company, and attending the Sunday service every Sunday among others. Some of my virtues include respect for other people’s beliefs and customs, politeness, good manners, and being virtuous among others. There are many things in our present time that make me happy, for example, fighting for gender equality and observance of human rights. However, one thing influencing negatively the society in our present time is racism. Bonnett (2000) argues that despite the efforts that have been put to eliminate racism, it is still deep-rooted in the society. My dream for the future is a society free of discrimination based on racism, a society where people can love and socialize freely regardless of their races or tribes.

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A good example of morality and decision-making in our current culture is sexual relations. In today’s society, there have evolved great moral concerns on sexual relations. Traditionally, sexual relations between a man and a woman were the only accepted moral sexual relation. However, nowadays, there are sexual relations between two men or two women. In some nations, these forms of sexual relations have been accepted as moral since people are free to make their decision on whom they want to share their love with. However, in other countries, law on moral grounds has refuted these relations as they are viewed as going against moral expectations.

Personally, I can describe happiness as the state of having inner satisfaction with my self. I long for happy moments in my life just as Janaro and Altshuler (2009) argue that every human being loves being happy. I settled on this definition of happiness due to various experiences that I have gone through and which have made me either happy or sad. With today’s society, everyone is struggling to accumulate as much wealth as possible in order to compete financially with other people. As a result, people tend to spend most of their time working and coming up with strategies of generating money and hence are always stressed and unhappy. After struggling for so many years to make enough money, I realized that money can never be enough and cannot buy me happiness. Therefore, I decided to always be contented with the little I have and make use of it in a manner that will make me happy.

An artifact that I would preserve for the future generations is the film titled Help. Help is a 2011 American film tailored from a novel by the same title produced in 2009 by Kathryn Stockett. The film is directed by Tate Taylor. It features the relationship between a white woman and her two black maids. The film is shot from a black maids’ point of view in order to expose the mistreatment and discrimination they face as they work for their white masters. The film has received many national awards in America, because it is a perfect piece which has addressed various aspects of racism allowing people to understand racism and its negative impacts on families and the wider society.

I have decided to include this film in the time capsule, because it exposes many concepts concerning racism which many nations are fighting to bring to an end. Just as Bhavani (2001) points out, there is a great need for nations to rethink racism interventions, because it is still present in today’s society. Various factors contribute to racism in our present society, but the most important factor is social and economic status. There is a tendency for people to be judged according to how wealthy they are, the type of schools their children are enrolled in, the type of cars they drive, and their places of residence among others. For instance, in today’s American society, many of the African-Americans fall below poverty level. Therefore, they are viewed as being inferior compared to the whites most of whom have the high class social status. This film clearly discusses these factors contributing to racism in the American society.

The film supports the argument by Aveling (2004) that many racist Americans are not born racists, but are taught by their parents. This is evident in the film in the manner the white children are taught to avoid very close communication with their black maids. The film confirms the argument by Anderson (2003) by bringing to light that racism is still present in today’s societies, and it is hindering positive social interactions in the society. This artifact is of great value, because it exposes one important social challenge facing te modern society and therefore should be preserved for the coming generations to get to know about the negative impacts of racism and hence learn to avoid it in their future societies.


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