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Free «Engineering an Empire» Essay Sample

Engineering an Empire is a documentary series, consisting of twelve episodes. It was hosted by Peter Weller who is an actor and a scholar. This film explores the history and culture via a lens of engineering feats, achieved by a number of major civilizations in the world’s history. It covers the accomplishments in the civilization of Egypt, Mayan Mexico and Athens. Egyptians were able to build the unimaginable structures and achieve things that seemed impossible in the past. The film covers the history from the construction of the great pyramid of Giza to the construction of a temple at Abu Simbel, between the years 3000BC to 2012BC. It examines the magnificent historical civilization, traces how the antiquity’s powerful leaders rose to power, architectural and urban planning transformed the Egyptian history during the dark ages. All the episodes show how architectural brilliance and innovations helped to build the Egyptian empire.

This film traces magnificent achievements of the societies in the past. Peter Wellers used the computer technology and high level of dramatizations to show how modern civilization was achieved by innovations and architectural brilliance. It examines how the civilization transformed into an empire. Peter Weller used animated blue prints cities, war machines and buildings to illustrate the intended concept to the viewers. There are 12, 48 episodes in this film.



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On the first disc, it can be seen how the different cultures influence western civilization. This influence originated from Greece. The foundation that Greeks laid supported European history for about 3000years. This episode shows the architectural and infrastructural development, achieved by the Greeks. They exploited the physical and human resources that were available to construct technologically advanced feats, such as Tunnel of Samos.

In the 438 BC, during the reign of Alexander the Great, life, culture and values of Greeks were in the hands of the armies. Their achievements are evident even to date. Aztecs were able to transform their lifestyle from nomads to civilized people in less than 200 years. They were able to manage their harsh climatic conditions and build a capital city in the middle of a lake.

On the second disk, Carthage developed very advanced technologies and defined power and strength. However, Rome became the strongest empire. Romans engineered their empire by following what the Carthaginians had invented. This episode shows the infrastructure that helped to raise the Carthaginian Empire and the cause of its fall.

Over the period, empires have risen and fallen, but China is still surviving. This episode shows how their empire achieved innovation and construction of engineering feats, such as the longest canal and naval fleet. The episode about Russian empire stretched over a large area and included 160 ethnicities. They built the infrastructure at a high price with some leaders, pushing for unsustainable progress. This led to the revolution and, in general, the rise the fall of Russian Empire can be seen in this episode.

On disc three, we see how British Empire ruled over various continents. They were able to make achievements, such as making the worlds first locomotive. This episode demonstrates the key leaders in the British Empire. The next episode shows how Persians were able to create the religion and cultural tolerance. They were able to make water management, construct canal that joined Nile to Red Sea and one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In the next episode, civilization led to the construction of 40 city-states, where temple pyramids and hydraulic systems were constructed. It examines the rise and fall of Maya Empire.

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On the last disc, the first episode shows how French fought for control over the church and aristocracy. There was brutal repression, and this led to the rise of Napoleon. The Napoleon constructed Notre Dame de Paris, The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The next episode examined how the engineering feats in the Byzantium Empire would betray them. In the last episode, there were alliances among various cities that led to the formation of the most powerful military and civil engineers in Italy.


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