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The world of sports undergoes through numerous sporting issues; from governance, culture or sporting myths, bidding events, environmental protection, accommodation, health or medical issues, safety and security, media and marketing rights, politics to the future of sports. Through this paper, deliberation regarding all the above issues divided into sub-sections helps provide a framework that sports official can use to solve future issues in sports. This paper also provides an insight to readers concerning how FIFA plays an integral role in ensuring that there is sanity in the football industry. FIFA is at the apex of international football since it ensures that all the necessary structures that guide football are formed and safeguarded. This is guaranteed through the formation of six Confederations, which enforce compliance with the Statutes, regulations and decisions of FIFA. The Confederations help FIFA to organize international competitions, through the executive members.

This paper also suggests of highlights on various issues that countries use to bid for hosting international sporting events. In this case, FIFA still plays an integral role in ensuring that bidding process is successful and fair to all bidders. In addition, the paper also explains that FIFA is also guided by fundamental principles such as IOC and FIA that help it to seek long-term solutions of winning back football stakeholders. The football industry is portrayed as a broader field with numerous mandates ranging from the protection of players in the pitch to control of the world football. In this regard, the paper also addresses the issue of selecting the camps for players, transportation, safety and security of players in the pitch and other health issues that may affect players and those taking part in any competition, including the fans.

Finally, politics plays an essential role in influencing how international football is governed. In that regard, FIFA offers inspiration to all partakers by ensuring that issues of racism and political influence are eradicated. The paper cites the only recent racism case of Luis Suarez and John Terry. As much as FIFA is taking the right direction, there are other numerous issues that must be put into consideration. That is why the paper concludes by providing numerous recommendations that FIFA can apply to further combat racism and other forms of discrimination in international football. Some of which include improving consistency in imposing fines, creation of monetary incentives for clubs among other. All in all, corruption in international is a major setback that FIFA must strive to fight in ensuring fairness in global football.


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