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No country for old men film was written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. The first time I watched this film at the film festival, I knew it was what I would describe as a perfect film. The Coen’s, by writing this film, showed how a great movie looks like. When watching it, I realized they were able to achieve dark, violent, and very disquieting comedy that I would encourage everybody who has not watched to go to a movie house and watch.

This movie starts as if it is evening during sun set, then the sky clears and the sun rise. In the beginning, there is no sign of life on this land. The cameras then show a windmill from a distance and a police car parked at the highway. I found this very interesting as it gradually increments the picture of the world into which the movie is taking me. This was a great composition that gives viewers a room to breathe and yet wastes no time because there is cool music playing from Tommy’s voice and other noises in the surrounding. From the beginning, this film raises and intensifies the senses of the viewers. A moment that greatly intensified my attention was when Moss was moving quickly out of his motel room window and immediately after Chigurn enters and fires his gun. The camera shows Moss narrowly escaping being shot by Chigurn. The Coen’s were able to apply excellent technical skills and crafts to achieve a very impeccable film style. It has three major characters engaging in an expensive drug deal. It starts with two characters talking about the past. The two characters are Tommy and Sheriff. They were discussing Sheriffs past in the various parts of Texas. This movie shows us the beautiful landscape of West Texas.

In every scene, the images seemed clear and beautiful. Transition from one scene to the next was well organized. In the beginning of the movie Llewelyn Moss, who was a hunter sees a limping dog. Drawing nearer he saw a truck with its doors open and nobody inside. Curiosity makes him move closer to the truck, and that is when he realizes that there were some dead bodies lying on the ground. This was my best scene where Moss now walks fast following the tire tracks which he could hardly see because of the long grass. He finds the last man dead under a tree with 2.4 million dollars in cash. He carried the money to his home. This marked the beginning of another interesting scene, were Moss’ life changes and he escapes with the money. The hunt for this money stretches throughout the film. Sheriff Ed Tom tries to protect Moss and Carla. Even after leaving the unit, he shows his determination to save Moss. However, when Chigurn arrived, he had been employed to trace and get this money. Moss meets Wells who offers to protect him in exchange with this money. However, Well is killed by Chigurh before they meet with Moss. Chigurn threatens to kill Carla unless if Moss surrenders that money. Moss was reluctant and instead calls Carla and asks to meet her. Unfortunately, when Carla called Sheriff about the place and time they were meeting with Moss, their conversation was traced by some enemies who were hunting for Moss. They murdered Moss at the hotel where he was to meet Carla.

Throughout this film, the theme of fate dominated. Fate is an unavoidable chance into which a person finds himself. Moss was an ordinary hunter; a situation brings him a fortune which he had not worked for. Three men who were drug dealers fight in the desert landscape. Two of the men are shot dead, and the man who remained alive was wounded and very weak. When Moss took the money home, he felt remorseful that he did not help the wounded man and so decided to go back. This situation becomes the turning point of Moss’ life. First, he had to take his wife Carla Jean Moss to Odessa, where her grandmother lived. Sheriff Ed Tom is also another victim whose life was affected by this situation. He spends his life trying to save Moss. However, Moss’ life had become full of turns and twists. Appearance of Anton Chigurh and Carsorn Wells who were also in the trail of the money Moss stole shows how fate changed the kind of life Moss lived after the incident. Finally, this money causes Moss to lose his life. He was murdered by a group of Mexicans who were also after that money. Moss’ wife Carla Jean was also murdered by Chigurl who took the drugs deal money back to the owner. Chigurh views himself as a tool of fate. He is able to take advantage of the power fate gave him over the other people. This is evident especially in the scene at the gas station. Watching the film No Country for Old Men, I realized how the Coens were able to make transitions from one scene to the next instant. They ensured that the cameras only showed what the viewers needed to see. The early scenes every detail was available, but towards the end some of the shots and the killings are not shown clearly. However, the whole film revolved around the theme fate. Several characters proved that a man could not escape what was meant to be his destiny.

This movie was a great achievement by the Coen brothers. From start to end of this film the feel of the film was maintained. Its ending was perfect. Every character’s fate determined his destiny. Chigurn uses a coin to decide the fate of Carla Jeans Moss. He does not make the choice to kill, but when fate brings someone to his hands, he does not hesitate. The ending of this film was also eloquent and perfect. The Ed Tom isolates himself from the kind of world he knew from the beginning. The loss of money and the discouragement Ed Tom went through make this movie to be about loss. The Coen’s were able to achieve their dominant theme fate. The Ed Toms life was a result of fate which caused him to retire. No Country for Old Men is one of the best movies I have watched, and it is rich in details that increase the viewers’ awareness of the visual and aural possibilities in the world. The Coen’s were able to bring out a well executed thriller adding the reality of how fate can change the human condition and the level of moral behaviors in a person.


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