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Fool for love is a story of the old man who had a secret affair with two women and ended up getting a child with each one of them. The children Eddie and May, who were then half brother and half sister, fell in love when they were in high school without knowing that they had a blood relationship. When their father’s secret was discovered, their love relationship entered into trouble and all was doomed.

The play, Fool for Love, takes place in a low cost run down motel room on the outskirts of Mojave Desert where May lives. The characters May and Eddie who have been fooling around since high school are seen staring at one another. At the corner, is also an old man spotted on rocking chair watching all that is unfolding amongst young lovers and occasionally intervenes in their talk to make comments (Brustein, 1983, 24-25). Everyone is filled with the memories of their old love but they are unable to begin a conversation about it. May is seen on the bed with her head drooped between her legs on the side of the bed while Eddie is seen on the table chair which is near the bed. The whole room is filled with silence and the only sound which could be heard is of May fidgeting with her hands. Eddie surprised with the silence, he decides to break it by asking May if she wants him to go or to stay.



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May confused and disappointed with Eddie’s unfaithfulness, drunkenness and abandonment; she just keeps quiet. Eddie assumes the silence and continues to promise May that he will not leave her alone any more and that he had hauled his ass over 2000miles to come and meet his love since he had missed her desperately. May, still not sure if she wants Eddie to stay or to leave, is taken by the emotions and deep feelings of their past love and she takes hold of the legs of Eddie desperately (Brustein, 1983, 24-25).

Quickly May remembers Eddie’s love affair with a rich woman and she starts to accuse Eddie of loving the rich woman called Countess. Eddie denies the accusations and defends himself by telling her lover how he had desperately missed her and that is the reason why he had come all the way to visit her and stay with her. Further, Eddie reminds her of the dream of going back to continue Wyoming in a trailer as they used to do but unfortunately may refuses and accuses him of sleeping with the rich woman severally.

As the conversation grows hot and hot, their love and passions continued to elicit more reactions until May stands and grasps Eddie and as they kissed one another, May cut short the sweetness of the kiss by hitting Eddie in the groin by her knee. Immediately May leaves to the bathroom majestically leaving Eddie suffering from the pain of the knee hit. The old man on the rocked chair who had kept a watch on the play up to this moment, then began to talk with Eddie and asks him whether he was a man who made things happen or was only a fantasist. After a while, May comes out changed and dressed in her red sexy clothes and black healed shoes and tells Eddie to leave because she had a date that day. On hearing that, Eddie grows furious at May and gets out of the room. Meanwhile May runs to take her suitcase from under bed but Eddie comes back quickly carrying with him a bottle of tequila and a shotgun in his hands. He then gives some tequila to May but she refuses to take. The two then begins a discussion on the date that May had claimed to have that day. In the cause of their discussion, the old man began to talk to May explaining to her how he and her mother, on their way to southern Utah, were troubled by May’s relentless crying. The conversation between May and the old man get disrupted by the coming back of Eddie who asks May to introduce him to her date as her cousin. As they continue with the talk, May sees a Mercedes Benz with a woman inside. To her surprise, the car again leaves almost immediately. Later on, they discovered that the car was for the countess who blew the windshield of Eddie’s truck. The two keeps looking at one another as if they want to fight but tension is broken as another car arrives having May’s date Martin.

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Martin looking at the incident of Eddie and May, he thinks that May is being attacked and harassed by Eddie. He enters in and after a short fight; he throws Eddie down to the ground. May then intervenes and introduces Eddie as his cousin to Martin. Eddie remains unhappy about the incident but continues to talk with Martin. Eddie decides to reveal to Martin that May was his half- sister and that they fooled around in high school before they become aware of their blood relationship. Eddie, still annoyed, continues to reveal to Martin the day he discovered about his fathers secret relationship with May’s mother. Occasionally in the talk, the old man gives his point of view on the relationship. May get very angry with the talk and the shame Eddie had caused her. She starts to tell her version of the story and how it affected her youth and her mother’s life who kept on waiting eagerly for the return of the old man. Finally May finishes that her mother tried to stop Eddie and her from having sexual relationship but it backfired resulting in the death of Eddie’s mother after hearing about it (Brustein, 1983, 24-25).

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On hearing these testimonies, the old man was surprised and grieved. He claimed that he remained innocent of those revelations and that no body told him of the last part of the story that Eddie’s mother shot herself on the head by his (old man) shotgun. At that time an explosion is heard from outside, Martin notices that Eddie’s horse trailer was on fire and the horses had been loosened. Immediately Eddie runs out to see what had happened but promises to come back. Seeing this, May tells Martin that Eddie had gone and packs her suitcase and goes away leaving Martin watching as the fire continued to burn outside. The play then ends in surprise and we are left to ask many questions in the mind what followed after martin knew of the secrets of May and Eddie (Brustein, 1983, 24-25).

From the whole scenario, it can be seen that the incestuous relationship of Eddie and May tormented them to a level where they did not want to continue with their love, but still remained hard for them to quit. Eddie seems to take the characteristics of his father since he has an affair with the rich woman and again wants to reconcile with his boy hood lover, May. This transpires to a replica of what his father, the old man, had done secretly dealing with two women at the same time. Eddie is till convinced that he can manage to take May back and keep on providing for her but May refuses because she wants to be independent and earn her own living than relying on somebody.

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