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Free «Tennis Player’s Community» Essay Sample

A tennis player community is a discourse community that consists of tennis players and tennis coaches. The community is composed of all the tennis games including table tennis and lawn tennis. These people share common habits and life styles. The lifestyles of these people can be compared from one player to another. In addition, the tennis players have common body features which are specific and an advantage to the players in terms of playing the game. They have special practices that they undertake in enhancing their performance in the games. This paper shall look into the rule, regulations, and ethics that surround the lives of tennis players.

The tennis player’s community is led by coaches that fore see the performance of the tennis players in all seasons. The tennis player’s community has team goals and individual goals. The team uses special techniques that are effective in improving performance of the tennis players.  That is tennis players have the same playing tactics. Tennis players use racket and the tennis ball to play. The tennis players are usually trained by one coach in their own court. The game can be played by two people or several team members can gather and practice as a group. That is a match can be staged in a court where two players can compete against each other. In addition, the teams can be composed of both female and male players. The coach is also the team’s role model, and the team members look up to their coach.



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In this discourse community, there is no prejudice on being male or female. All players are given the same treatment and respect. That is as long as a person is a member in the tennis community; he or she is accorded the same treatment as the other tennis players. In this community, respect and discipline is extremely crucial. This attitude has made the team members have a tight bond between players and coaches. As a result, the tennis players have a chance of working together as a team.

The old tennis players had a peculiar way in which they dressed while they went for competitions. Tennis players had to dress in white. That is they had a white top and white pants, which had a label that identified the team the player belonged. The tennis attire is often adorned with a certain label for instance, addidas. The tennis player has to ensure that he or she has put on shoes that are flat and comfortable. The shoes have to be light enough so that the player can have an easy time moving around the court. However,   in the tennis community, members are allowed to have different colors as long as it is a t-shirt and skirt or short. Team members are also advised to have flat closed shoes when playing tennis.

Team goals

In the tennis player’s community, there are goals that are set. The whole team has being put on one focus to ensure that they are the best performers in the tennis courts. In this regard, the tennis community’s main goal is to be the best community with the best player. This goal has been set under other goals, which are individual. In the tennis community, members are encouraged to have individual goals. Such goals include the improvement of the playing tactics, for instance serving. Such players work on this goal by extending the practicing time in order for them to improve on the serving skills.  This way the team is moving in one direction. To ensure that all members are on the same level, the coaches have put up a strict code of practice that all players must follow (United States Tennis Association p. 20).

According to the tennis player’s community, the tennis game can only be played in the tennis court. The tennis court is made in a certain way that enhances the bouncing of the ball from one end of the court to another. The tarmac and clay court are considered better compared to the grass court which reduce the bouncing effect of the ball. As a tennis player, it is important and mandatory that one attends a daily fitness program. These programs are recommended to the players as one of the requirements which the player has to maintain in order to be a perfect player. The fitness and wellness program is supposed to ensure that the player strengthens his or her muscles and keeps fit all the time.

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Training programs

Amongst the training programs that a tennis player is supposed to do is personal practice. As a player, every individual in the tennis team should ensure that he or she takes time to practice and perfect the tennis skills. The training program must include strengthening and conditioning exercises. In addition, the tennis player has to have anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercises. These exercises go a long way in helping the player expand their breath while playing. Other exercises include the enhancement of speed quickness, and flexibility. This is done by the use of explosives. The training for the tennis player in considered a necessity in the making of professional tennis players. Hence, the tennis player’s community has put it compulsory for every player to do the fitness.

The accessories used by the tennis payers have specifications according to the tennis player’s community. According to the community, the tennis player has to be equipped with the racket and the tennis ball. The racket and the tennis ball both have specifications. The player is advised to have a racket that have a rubber handle which can help the player have a firm grip while playing. The tennis ball must be hollow. The players usually have a sweat band on the hands at the wrist. The sweat band aids in absorbing sweat while the player is in a game.

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Tennis etiquette

All tennis players are subjected to a certain code of practice while in the tennis courts. In the game of tennis, tennis players have to adhere to certain rules that govern the tennis courts and the rules of the game. In this regard, all players are required to have a permit to play especially in the private tennis courts. It is considered rude to play for a long time while other players are waiting when there is no tournament. However, the time frame for an individual to stay in the court ranges between 1- 3 hours.  The determining factor is the endurance ability of an individual in the court.

Communication and language

Communication is considered an essential tool in the management of a tennis team. Every tennis team has a team coach. In the tennis player’s community, it is fundamental to ensure effective communication between coaches and team members. Tennis players have meetings often where they meet and have practice sessions together.  That is during such times coach can pass any message to the players. It is also during such times that team players can discuss any issues that call for attention (Anderson & American Sport Education Program p.14)). The team also communicates via mail and phone calls.

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In the tennis player’s community, there is a certain standard of discipline that is maintained. Any player that violates the rules has to face the necessary consequences. The language used is official, and no abusive language is entertained.

Tennis players are restricted to a certain code of conduct. While in the tennis courts, players are not allowed to take any alcoholic beverages. Players are only allowed into the court with water or other mild beverages. In addition, tennis players have to follow the rule of membership. Only registered members are allowed in to the courts. That is members must present their membership cards at the entrance before being allowed into the court.

Tennis player’s diet

A tennis player has to ensure that he or she eats a balanced diet. The tennis players have to take in proteins, fats, carbohydrates and most of all take in a lot of water. Taking a balanced diet will go a long way in ensuring that the player has enough strength and stability to play. This is because tennis is a game that requires balance, agility, and speed. Tennis players have to ensure that they take in a lot of water throughout the day and night. The high intake of water enhances hydration process in the body. That is the body can perform its body functions normally.

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In conclusion, the tennis player’s community is a discourse community that is made with a target of making excellent tennis players. The community has a complete team that is equipped, and is working on one goal that is to be the best. The community has put down a certain code of practice coupled with rules and regulations. These are made to ensure that discipline is maintained. 

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