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Free «First Time Home Buyers» Essay Sample

The decision to buy a home is a crucial step towards an exciting milestone in a person’s life. Rewards of owning a home far outweighs the challenges of getting one. The person needs to learn about the steps, helpful tips, and understand the information on the path to owning the home.

Home ownership is far much preferred to renting one. It is a smart investment that offers the possibility of appreciating the value. The person enjoys ling in own home as the investment matures. Full homeownership saves significant amounts of money spent on mortgage interests as well as deductions on property tax. The person can calculate how much to spend on improvements and property repairs. The control of the improvements to be made on your home such as repainting and remodeling does not need a landlord’s approval, but an owner’s decision.

The first and most critical step in homeownership is getting the right mindset. This principally involves making all the key financial decisions. The current financial situation of the person will determine the amount to be spent on home ownership. Financial factors like income, credit worthiness, person’s debt and the amount available for a down payment will be studied carefully to determine how much loan will be offered to the home ownership.



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Visiting a housing counselor at a nonprofit making organization for tips on homeownership offers extensive help. The decisions should be carefully made because the process of owning a home requires a large investment of money, time, and energy. The unbiased recommendations and objective advice will help the person obtain a perfect home. Getting a pre- approval for financing before owning the home is also a significant factor. It helps in knowing what the person can afford and acts as a guarantee of the lender loaning the person some amount of money.

The features the person that want to obtain the home are a factor to be considered in homeownership. The features the home should have will guide in owning the home. Those features may be categorized into those that the home should undoubtedly have, and those which will be gratifying to have, but without which one could live. Creating a list of the two categories would guide in choosing the home. These features include hardwood floors, stories building, basement, security systems, garage, security system, swimming pool, closeness to a place of worship, near public transport and a fenced yard among others.

House value is determined by the closeness and availability of public transport as well as the character and amenities of the neighborhood. A study on how marketable homes are in the neighborhood will assist in determining the house value. Establish how the home investment is appreciated in the neighborhood and it will be an indicator of the maturity of homeownership investment. Facts about crime and any problems in that area will assist in determining the general security level. Community features such as shopping areas, schools, public facilities, well maintained homes and transport means also act as factors to be taken into account in homeownership.

Local schools are a neighborhood amenity that will help to define where to buy the home. Most people will prefer buying homes where public schools are performing well. A decline in a school’s performance devalues the home. Location of the home which is determined by the traffic, distance to restaurants or supermarket, how far is a highway, how much traffic will a person have to deal with will guide in the steps to owning the house. Since location may not be changed later even after having spent a lot on the house, the guideline on location should not be compromised. Another factor that is also difficult to transform without including considerable time and money investments is a floor plan. The plan will be determined by the number of stories, bathroom locations and a basement.

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The government outlined requirements is another critical factor to check in homeownership. Every country has requirements for first time home buyer qualifications, partial exemption, refunds, and penalties for false declarations. The person should read and understand the acts and laws governing home ownership in a country. Furthermore, the person should understand zoning laws that affect land utilization, a type of structures permitted to be set up and height of buildings.

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