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Personality is generally termed as the entirety of behavioral traits and character attributes of an individual. This vibrant organization found inside a human being composed of psychophysical systems help in creating his or her distinctive patterns of thoughts, behaviors and feelings. Individual personality shows logic of internal personal distinctiveness, internal causality, and consistency and for instance there is definite universal characteristics of all the human beings and specified features of every individual and should not be confused with the whole human race as everyone has his/her uniqueness in personality sense (Friedman & Schustack, 2012).

The biological aspect of personality has greatly widened my thinking and understanding of personality development. Earlier on the term personality had a narrow meaning and only though it was influenced by someone’s environmental backgrounds and through learning but personality development has broadened to even cover individual’s genetic makeup. For over a thousand years theorists have had beliefs that our genetic framework to some extend determines our personality. Biology and its mechanisms are responsible for determining our physical distinctiveness such as hair color, body type, and eye color amongst others. The manner we appear definitely affects how we perceive ourselves and how other people relate to us and this somehow has responsibility on how we develop and also our adulthood (Biological Components of Personality in Personality Synopsis, 2011).

Researchers and theorists have shown that some human traits like introversion, extroversion, and temperament have strong linkages in biology. Research also show that people with a genetic disorder known as the Down’s syndrome are caring, friendly, and approval seeking (Biological Components of Personality in Personality Synopsis, 2011).

Have had the interests of becoming a psychiatrist in future so as to at least help those people who experience mental disorders thus the aspect of personality termed as psychoanalysis is of great help as it helps one attain the knowledge of sampling the human conscious and unconscious mind. Therefore together with also bearing the knowledge of the id, ego, and the superego systems of personality are of great assistance to knowing the mental aspects of human beings (Friedman & Schustack, 2012).


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