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Free «Coco Chanel» Essay Sample

Coco Chanel was a French fashion designer. She came from a humble background where the mother was a laundrywoman and the father a street vendor. Her major products were jewelry, bags and fragrance. Signature scent Chanel No.1 became the most prominent design that made her to appear in Time Magazine among 100 most influential people in the 20th century. Chanel changed the outlook of feminine attire when she joined the industry of design. She became a leader in fashion design during her life time. The essay explores on how her passion, influence, communication and quotes made her to become a leader in the market of design.

The Passions of Coco Chanel

Passion depicts the desires people have in life. It is one o the factors that made the designer to lead the fashion in France. Chanel was very passionate in her work. She worked very hard both in craft and sales. Having known her poor background, she wanted to make a difference in business. It is reported that she had a determination to outdo her humble beginnings. Her inner motivation and talent made her to prosper in business and gain social fame. Chanel was recognized by almost every buyer.



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Chanel was very enthusiastic in design business. This made her to become a professional. She trained in the art of sewing because she loved her career. Search for knowledge in this field made her to relate with experienced artists and designer. Enthusiasm made her to train and develop others. In fact, she is reported to have paid for the training young designers and collaborated with others to design some fashions. Her passion made her to be a leader in the dealing of design. This is because she wasable to pull a large clientele, (Chaney, 2011).

Influence of Chanel

Influence of Chanel made her to lead the business. The woman had a boyish figure with sort bobbed hair. This gave her a contradictory personality. She was not only competitive but also opportunist. The name Coco was given to her when she became the best performer among girls at Moulin’s pavilion. Chanel took advantage of everyone who came her way and used them to succeed in business. Her control is evidenced when she eliminates the old fashion and modernizes feminine life her designs. Some writers view her as a liberator of the women attire.

The authority of Coco Chanel is depicted in her relationship Balsan and Capel. This is one of the major factors that made her to be a leader in the business. It reveals the climax of her influence on men. She was able to convince them to give her wealth which she used to expand her business. Chanel opened hat and casual designs through these associations. These two openings made her to be known. Hat business was very prosperous and she earned a lot of money. Casual designs were clothes for leisure and sports which made her to be a celebrity in sports and outdoor life.

Association with Riverdy, Bendor and Hans also shows the influence of the woman. She used them to gain business power. Riverdy mentored her in poetry. This facilitated the production of legendry maxims that became prominent in design market. Bendor bought for her land where she built her villa. Chanel used him to get a contract in British aristocracy where she produced two outstanding designs. They include “Tonight or Never” and “The Greeks Had A Word for Them”. She used her romance with Hans to influence entry into military residence. Chanel used Han to capture her lost business in Parfums Chanel.

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Chanel won the support of Misia Sert, Antoinette and Adrienne. Authors reveal that she influenced Misia by her intelligence business proficiency. She helped Coco Chanel to run the business empire. The other two women were her relatives whom she managed to bring on board in the business. They worked as model designers as well as in publicity. Her control extended to dance costumes. This was achieved through collaboration with experienced dancers. This discussion confirms that Chanel was too influential not only to men but also to other women.

The woman was very powerful. She had about four thousand employees. Coco Chanel used her influence to capture lost business. She discovered that Wertheimer had taken away Parfums business and used Hans during World War II to get the business back. At the same time, she also fought back her staff that had closed down her business through riots. Her power was so strong that when she discovered that she could not succeed, she would quit. For example, Hollywood hated her and she commented about it as the city of bad taste.

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Ethnic influence made her to be a leader in business. The woman gained entry into different cultures where she learnt their taste in various designs. She was able to produce cultural make ups depending on the people and place. Various fashions were designed. Among them is folk motif, headscarf, square-neck and long belted blouses. Chanel created a new culture for women. They were able to get access to new models for their attire. In the process, Coco Chanel became a leader in the business of design (Picardie, 2011)

In view of the above discussions, it is true that the influence of Coco Chanel made her to become a leader in the business of fashion design. Enough evidence has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the woman was powerful.

The quotes of Coco Chanel

Quotes of Coco Chanel made her to shine in business. She made various citations that defined her prosperity in the business of choice. She says, ‘In losing Capel I lost everything. What followed was not a life of happiness I have to say.’ She expressed her loss because Capel was a major financier to her business domain. It is important to note that the lady was concerned about her commerce at the departure of her lover Capel. This indicates her role as a leader of business that she valued with passion.

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Chanel also says, ‘the bandits who screwed me.’ The citation has a lot of significance in the essay. The designer made the reference in order to expose the mischief of Wertheimer who was interested in the sale of Chanel No. 5 fragrance. This happened after she had captured the brand from her rival making her to lead the design industry. She is also reported to have said, ‘…see what the pictures have to offer me and what I have to offer to the pictures.’ The statement was made when she won a tender to make films in Britain. Chanel is determined and focused to complete the mission. Chanel is also depicted as a leader in design business because she won the competitive design. 

Another important quote is, ‘There have been several purchases of Westminster. There is only one Chanel.’ This was a statement to show her influence on men. Many men were around her life due to prosperity in business and life. It is also cited that, ‘…two gentlemen were out bidding for my hot little body.’ The incidence describes her relationship with Capel and Balsan which took place at the same time. The men were scrambling to identify with her using their wealth. In the process, she was able to get a lot of money which she used to expand her business. Citations listed above give sufficient facts that Coco Chanel was a leader in the business of design,

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Communications of Coco Chanel

Communication was one of the key factors that made Chanel to be a leader in design business. This was because of how she communicated in her business empire. She was well dressed and had a boyish figure that many people admired. It made her to attract customers whenever she walked. She was humorous. The character made her to be a living and walking advertisement. Her designs were quickly understood by customers due to their simplicity and attractiveness. For example, she made hats, sweaters, jackets and sailor blouses.

Advertisement was sufficiently done for her products. Coco Chanel employed Antoinette and Adrienne to do publicity. The authors have indicated that the two ladies did board walks daily in order to inform people about the new designs. This is an indication that communication was perfect in the business. She also had advertisement channel creations where descriptions were made on the entire company. Through these, she became a leader in the business of design, (Vaughan, 2011)

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Her associations hint to us that she was fluent in communication. Chanel made alliance and links with men, women, soldiers and organizations with an aim of building her business. The authors have cited that she benefited in almost all the cases. Coco Chanel had influence and could convince people in her favor. It is reported that at times she would become a mistress so as to get wealth.  It was because of this that she became a leader in the industry of design.

In conclusion, Coco Chanel was a true entrepreneur. She was also a leader in the industry of fashion design. The essay has shown using her passion, influence, quotes and communication. Sufficient proof has also been given from different authors.


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