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A handbook, basically, is called a book giving particular information in details concerning a certain topic. In this case, a handbook is generated many aspects that are to be considered in the strategic staffing process and these tools will be of great importance to the You Can, Inc. during the staffing procedure. The discussing aspects in this handbook include: strategic staffing, job analysis, posting a position, application form, interview process, approaches to pre-employment testing and assessment, as well as other elements of staffing necessary in the staffing process.

Strategic Staffing

In any company or an organization, employees basically form its backbone, since without the workforce organization isn’t able to achieve its goals effectively in terms of production, administration, sales as well as marketing of products. Seemingly, the You Can, Inc. has to ensure that it has the right quantity of people who have the required sets of skills which will assist them in achieving their present and future goals. In order to attain that organization carry out workforce planning which is commonly termed as strategic staffing and is described as the process by which corporations make use of with the sole purpose of identifying and addressing the workforce implications touching business strategies and plans. When these processes are implemented, then the organization is sure of having the precise figure of people, who have the correct skills at the accurate time (Bechet, 2008). 



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Moreover, when the process is implemented successfully, it results into two main deliverables namely staffing strategies and staffing plans. The staffing strategies essentially illustrate what the organization will complete on a long term basis which will be across its planning periods with the aim of addressing vital staffing issues. On the other hand, staffing plans entail particular, interim tactical staffing actions as well as plans which are to be executed in the near future and are framed into a specified planning period. Therefore, the requirements of an organization which fundamentally revolve around getting the right clique of employees who have the precise set of skills that are achieved through carrying out strategic staffing (Lynn).

Job Analysis

From now and then, organizations have job positions which ought to be filled or rather staffed. Therefore, for these positions to be filled, job analysis is done which is the procedure used in order to recognize and establish in detail the exact job requirements and duties and all the virtual significance of these responsibilities for that particular job position. Furthermore, this analysis generates information which is used in writing job descriptions and also job specifications. Besides, important to remember is that the examination is performed with regard to the job and not the individual. Below is an example format of a job analysis procedure:

  • Job purpose;
  • Job results/criteria;
  • Job duties;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Experience/Skills;
  • Working conditions;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Working instruments;
  • Reports and Records;
  • Required abilities.

Job Posting

After job opening, an organization takes the initiative to fill the vacant post and therefore job posting takes place. The You Can, Inc. corporation takes a different approach towards posting a position in that it internally puts placements which entail a listing of all open positions within the company so that any of the existing worker who aspires to shift to a different functional area may perhaps apply. These postings consist of the job requirements as well as descriptions. The company has taken this approach since it believes that the people who are already employed in the company have garnered enough working skills, and also the organizational culture, thus, are best fit to fill the posts.

Example of a Job Posting

Advancement Services Manager

This job position carries out the functionalities of the gift office which is in the Advancement Office, by guaranteeing that all the donor objectives are honored in time, gifts are processed in a timely and accurate manner, precise financial statements are created, and that the gift policies are conventional to every regulatory policies. Following there are duties and responsibilities:

  • Set up a system and reliable operating process for every gift reports;  
  • Bring up to date the prospect information; 
  • Administer the appropriate recording of each and every pledge and gift into the Development section of Banner; 
  • Create the donor catalog for the yearly report;
  • Serve as link between the Office Information Technology, Comptroller and that of Institutional Advancement.

Supervision of Other workers/Evaluation: 
The Advancement Services Manager is entitled to administer the controller of gift dispensation.
The person ought to be  technically minded and has an exhaustive  familiarity of Windows 7 and all Microsoft Office functionalities. 

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Job Application Form

Instructions: print plainly in only black ink. Respond to all questions. Date and sign the form.


Surname _____________________________

Middle Name ___________________________

First Name _____________________________

Street Address


City, State, Zip Code


Telephone Number



Name and Address of School – Diploma/Degree - Graduation Date




Skills and Qualifications: Licenses, Skills, Training, Awards




Last or Present Position:

Employer: _____________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________

Email: ________________________________

Position Identity: _________________________

From Date: ______________ To: ______________

Duties & Responsibilities: ____________________________________________________


Salary: _______________

If left, reason for departure: ____________________________________________


May we get in touch with your previous/present employer?

Yes _____ No _____


Name/Title Address Phone




I endorse that the information enclosed in this submission form is compete and true. I fully realize that forged information might be justification for not appointing me. I approve the confirmation of all the information scheduled above.

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The job application form ought to be fully filled with the required details for it to be accepted or rather taken to the next level of scrutiny. The partially filled forms are time wasting and they show that the applicant wasn’t serious about the job.

Interview Process

The You Can, Inc. has got its philosophy with regards to the interviewing process where it states that all the applicants have the right to be interviewed if at all they meet the specified criteria. Also, applicants should not be segregated against their race, cultural background, or even ethnicity therefore everyone has to be given a fair treatment.

Sample of Interview Questions

  1. What four adjectives depict you best?
  2. Why do you particularly want to work in this company?
  3. What do you extensively distinguish about the job?
  4. Describe your model job?
  5. Why do you think I ought to consider you for this specific position?
  6. Aren’t you highly overqualified for the position?
  7. How do you essentially get along with people?
  8. What are your main strengths and flaws?

Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment

Among the many values of the company some of them describe in depth the stand of the company towards pre-employment testing and assessment. Every applicant before being awarded a post has to undergo thorough background check in order to find out whether he/she has ever been involved in any drug or criminal record. Also, their health records, and performance index ought to be known.

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Elements of Staffing

Apart from the elements of staffing mentioned above, there are several other aspects which include promotion and development, performance management, and also benefits and compensation. Furthermore, promotion is of great importance in an organization as it constructs its reputation both internally and externally and all potential applicants perceive the company as a boss of choice. Professional development ensures that all the workforce acquire a high growth potential in terms of getting job skills (Thomas, 2002).

Performance management helps in identifying the poor performers and directly eliminating them from the workforce and it basically helps the employees in knowing their professional development opportunities, performance standards, and also job expectations. Benefits and compensation programs helps in attracting excellently qualified candidates for job positions and also increase their retention rate (Thomas, 2002).  


The staffing process ought to be taken serious by the You Can, Inc. since a state of the art process would ensure that the employees selected for the job positions would act as a huge investment in terms of boosting production and overall performance of the company. Job recruitment and selection is carried out by the Human Resource Department and therefore the department has to have a competent crew so that the staffing process becomes a success. 


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