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Mission statement

A mission Statement is a succinct depiction of a company’s objectives of existence. It clearly articulates the purpose of the organization, as well as the public.

Child Welfare League of USA

The mission statement is to lead and connect with a network of public and private organizations and partners to take forward policies, best practices and collaborative approaches that bring better results for children, youth and families. One of the programs is a youth ambassador program, where they collaborate with Giving Back Fund and philanthropic athletes and entertainers to raise awareness and raise fund for a variety of children’s activities. This is aligned to the goal of the organization of collaborating with partners on strategies that will benefit the children, youth and families in the best way possible (Child Welfare League of America, 2012).

South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities

The mission statement is the promotion of full inclusion of all individual with disabilities irrespective of their age into all facets of the society. One of the programs the coalition has is the Disability Advocacy Network, where a host of disability-based organizations participates with an aim of identifying and working on issues of concern to the disabled community in the state. This is geared towards their mission of full inclusion in all aspects of the society (South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, 2011).



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American Association of Community Colleges

The mission of the AACC is to build a community of learners through progress in America’s community colleges. One of the programs of the association is Pell Grants where students are students are assisted to join college each year and get a degree from the funds allocated to the association by the Congress. This has enabled the association to meet one of its purposes of promoting education at community colleges (American Association of Community Colleges, 2012).

Mission statement reflects the beliefs and values of an organization. The statement provides meaning to the organization by not only stating the goals it wants to achieve, but also the reason we want to achieve them. In addition, as it nurtures employees’ creativity and innovation, it will inspire them and direct their involvement in the business.


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