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Psychology can be defined as an academic field that is focused on studying the human behavior and mind . There are numerous research studies done on psychology. The studies aim at understanding and explaining how people act, think or how they feel, both mentally and physically. Applied psychology is the use of the several psychological principles to try deal with issues, especially the negative ones that affect the daily lives of people.

Applied psychology is very important in the growth of the society today because it is of great essence that people know their mental fitness and have it monitored if their enormous performance at work is to be seen (Davey, 2011). This means that doctors have an important role in making sure they understand the behavior of people and check on their medical backgrounds before they embark on critical assignments. The values and theories of psychology help a great deal in overcoming many problems, in cases of people with huge capabilities, but are useless or unproductive because of some difficulties back at home. This would include drilling and regular counseling which helps the victims to have a different and better perspective of their lives.

Many problems at the work and in families are not medical and so they only need some psychotherapy, which can be done by personal doctors, those that have treated someone or members of the family for a long time and have information about its history. It has come to be one of the only treatments that would not require medication, but psychoanalysis, just opening up to someone and letting them give their views and propositions of how to handle stress and come out of it. Psychiatric therapy is not only important for the working class, but also necessary for the young generations. There is a rise in cases of children who grew up in dysfunctional families and have grown to show traits of distressful lives of youth. They also need a lot of counseling to enable them to become who they dream to be.

Therefore, applied psychology is of key importance as not all problems that affect people in the society today are medical. There is a need for more doctors and specialists trained to handle cases related to stress, since the number of people who require special and urgent attention is also rising. There should also be a number of fields which would deal with different types of such cases (Burtt, 2011).


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