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Discrimination is one ordeal that no one would like to encounter in life. This is because it segregates one from the rest in one way or the other hence leading to unfair treatment. This means that when one is discriminated against, living with other members of a society becomes impossible, and one is forced to adopt a different lifestyle. Racism is a principal cause of discrimination that leads to separation of people along racial lines. Racism is promoted by among other factors pride. Socio-economic statuses also propel racial abuses especially when the gaps are too wide as in the case of Armand and the slaves. This implies that racism can break any relationship regardless of the strength of a relationship. Just as it is evident from “Desiree's Baby,” race becomes the basis of complete separation between two people who loved each other initially, and even went ahead to have a baby together. Untrue love, pride, and wide social gaps are the major promoters of racism and eventual break-ups of families.

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Eventualities of Untrue Love

It is ironical that when a relationship begins, everything usually goes well only to become sour in the end. When Armand meets Desiree for the first time, he does not show any sign of rejecting her until she gives birth to a son who is not the race that Armand wanted to be associated with (Chopin 116). This scenario presents a particularly significant lesson especially for people claiming to be in love. It is arguably true that when a relationship is in the initial stages, love is usually present but disappears after some time, meaning that people become bored by each other because of certain reasons. In this case, race is presented as the reason for the breakup. The irony here is that the two were in real love when the real situation is that Armand is not committed wholeheartedly to the relationship. Another similar scene involving Armand and his son can also be used to illustrate how people change with time. Armand and Desiree were living happily together and treated Armand's slaves well. However, Armand changed his attitude immediately after he discovered the racial characteristic of his son showing that their relationship was good in their initial stages but spoilt later.

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Contribution of Pride to Racism

It is also true that pride is a detrimental character especially in a relationship that involves two people with a different social background. Individuals who come from wealthy families tend to be arrogant in what they do. This means that they tend to despise others who they believe are not of their class. As a slave owner, Armand is a proud slave owner who drew his pride from the fact that he was above a certain class of people who were his slaves, and of a different race. Such individuals in the society usually cause a conflict of interests when they encounter people who they believe are under them. This kind of attitude results into discrimination along with prejudices, and hence separates two people. In this case, the reason is race.

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How Racism is Overcome by True Love

Despite the fact that relationships between two people can be broken by biases such as race, it is also true that some relationships cannot be broken easily. When Desiree discovers that Armand is no longer in love with her, she takes her son away and leaves not to be seen again (Chopin119). In real life situations, race has been overcome by love. For example, people of different races have been found to marry and stay together until their sunset days. It means that their relationships are stronger, and differences beyond their control cannot separate them. In this regard, people can sometimes become relentless in their efforts to confront situations that are beyond their control. Such situations result in a series of conflicts that usually end in serious and sometimes fatal confrontations.

Finally, the society can be said to have different classes of people. Some of these classes are artificial, meaning that they are manmade. However, other classes are natural and cannot be adjusted at all. The fact that Armand was wealthy is a manmade class, which is subject to change. However, being of a different race makes it difficult for him to cope with his wife and son leading to separation. This means that untrue love promotes racism discrimination that leads to separation of people who love one another initially. However, racial differences can be overcome by true love in some cases. 

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