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On July 2012, more than shoot took place in a Colorado theatre leading to the death of more than 14 people. Such incidents, where individuals with guns kill shoot other people, are common, but their prevalence has brought to light an old debate—gun control. The issue of gun control has been a subject of debate in the United States and other modern democracies, as well. In the United States, there are millions of guns that are in circulation as most people have guns at their home. Statistics bring the estimates of guns in the United States as between 200 and 230 million (). Centuries ago, the Federal government enhanced the ownership of guns among Americans as it stepped up its operation against rebellion from Indians who attacked the white farms. Over the year, however, there has been a mixed reaction over ownership of guns as rates of shootouts and homicide soar. More precisely, the issue of gun control has divided the American society with two factions arguing their case on the issue. Some people believe that gun control would be ineffective as it is the people who decide to kill others, and gun control would limit sports where people use guns. However, there is clear evidence that gun control would limit guns available for use in crimes or homicide and reduce that might be rampant and lower the severity of criminal acts since guns escalate negative outcome of crime. These reasons underscore why ordinary citizens should not own guns, but only the police and military personnel.



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Opponents of gun control believe that measures to control gun ownership are not the potential solution to issues arising because of gun ownership. Some of these people cite criminal shootouts such as the shooting of 14 people in Colorado, which happen to have existing gun control laws in place. Similar, two teenage boys “shot and killed 15 people” in Colorado (Magoon & Mogren, 2007, p.73). Their arguments seek to underscore the fact that guns do not kill people, but it is the gun owners who decide to shoot and kill other people. Therefore, these opponents seem to perceive gun control measures as irrelevant as much as crime involving guns are concerned (Wilson, 2007). While this seems to be a plausible reason to refuse and fight gun control efforts, it is evident that guns are lethal weapons with high a high probability of killing. Therefore, there is enough ground to assume that gun control would help eliminate the number of crime where people can get hurt or die because of a shootout. Invariably, gun control becomes a probable solution that can address the increasing number of deaths that can occur from crimes involving the use of guns. With gun control in place, the issue will not be people who decide to kill others by shooting them, but reducing the tools that have high potential of killing many people as people witnessed in Colorado.

People opposed to the enforcement of gun control support their stand by citing that gun control would hinder the prevalence of sporting activities such as shooting, which happen to be a significant thrill for gun owners. For many decades, some gun owners have taken part in shooting competition because they have access to their firearms, which they use in this sport (Wilson, 2007). For instance, there are some people who belong to gun clubs where they use their guns to pursue their leisure activities. It is because of such involvement that opponents of gun control vehemently objecting the enforcement of gun control. This is because they believe that gun control would kill shooting sport of any leisure associated with guns. This is because gun control would place a limit on how people have access to guns along with how they use them. This is a salient point that needs careful consideration with regard to the enforcement of gun control. Indeed, shooting is an essential activity, but it still provides people with a reason to own guns, which could fall in the wrong hands. Though many gun owners would love to use their guns in sports, the possibility of a crime involving the weapon is likely. Consequently, enforcing gun control would help limit chances of wrong use of guns. Most important, gun control would provide people with the opportunity of avoiding desensitization that come with gun use. For instance, gun owners who delight in sporting activities may end up become insensitive about the use of guns. For this matter, some of the gun owners can end up forming a culture where shooting becomes a glamour. Such a culture is not only detrimental, but suicidal as gun owners can resort into lethal use of their firearms. Because of this reason, gun control holds the key to reducing desensitization of gun users by limiting gun use in gun clubs.

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Enactment of gun control is likely to reduce the possibility of people using guns to conduct criminal acts or shootouts that might endanger the lives of people. There are some people who believe that gun control cannot reduce cases of crimes and events such as shootouts when gun handlers turn their weapon against other people. However, gun control can play a vital role of mopping excessive firearms from many homes, which will invariably reduce changes of their use in violent attacks (Magoon & Mogren, 2007). While there are many factors that may motivate people into crime, the availability of weapons plays a significant role. Because of this reason, criminals or individuals with suicidal tendencies are more likely to engage in crime or shooting rampage than those with no guns. Given that a significant number of Americans own guns, enacting gun control policies might see a reduction of the number of guns. This will imply that the government will inch close to reducing the number of possibilities where individuals use guns to kills other people or engage in crime that might lead to loss of life. Even with legalization of gun ownership, there are cases where some people steal guns and use them to commit crimes. Gun control policies will certainly reduce the occurrence of such outcome or cases where gun owners engage in crimes that might endanger members of society. Being that access to guns correlate to the high number of lethal crime and homicide, passing the gun control act will constitute a significant step in the fight against the increasing number of criminal acts involving guns or shooting rampage witnessed in various parts of the world.

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However, research indicates that use of weapons such as guns has a positive correlation to the number of lethal attacks. For instance, criminals who have guns are likely to cause more harm than those who have tradition weapons like a knife. Similar, individuals bent to kill have high chances of accomplishing their acts by using guns, which can lead to severe and devastating results (Magoon & Mogren, 2008). There is no doubt that a gun is more lethal that traditional weaponry. Occurrence of gun fights or criminal act involving guns can lead to tremendous results such as high death toll or severe harm to individuals involved. This argument stems from the fact that the availability of weapons corresponds to the prevalence of severe attacks as are silt of criminal or homicide acts. As a result, the passing of gun control into law is much likely to reduce the occurrence of severe crimes or homicide that might lead to loss of life. On the same token, guns should only be available to disciplined forces such as the police of military personnel who can control the use of their guns as the law holds them accountable.

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In conclusion, there is no doubt that gun control is a debatable issue with some people seeking to fight against it enactment. Some people believe that gun control would limit the use of guns in sports. Others also believe gun controls are no effective deterrent to criminal use of guns. However, shooting sport glamourize the use of guns and gun control have influence on the use of guns. Most important, enacting gun control acts is likely to reduce the availability of guns to people who likely to use them in crime or homicide. People who have access to guns are more likely to use guns to commit crimes than those who have tradition weapons. Equality important, gun control is like to limit the severity of criminal activities. To avoid an occurrence such as the Colorado shootout, the government should put a gun control in place.


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