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I am applying for the post of Project Leader as a volunteer in your organization. This is because I have a lot of experience in working with children, in both social and educational settings. I am still amazed and enthralled with how children play, develop, learn and interact.

I would especially like to work with children whose learning skills are not so developed to help them make up for their lost time through setbacks such as illnesses and help stimulate them during times when they are nervous (Bliss, 1991). I understand the role of leadership in voluntary work throughout the time I have been working as a volunteer at NYAWC.

My work has seen me deal with children of different age groups and varying abilities in small groups and on a one on one basis. This has natured in me a caring attitude, interest in creative activities and music as well as tolerance to nuisance from little children and in considerate grown ups. I have learned to be indeed a very patient character. I know how to play guitar, piano an I want to start leaning the sign language to enhance my teaching skills.

I have been able to further my personal development. This can be demonstrated by a scenario where I had a personal achievement by offering relief for a juvenile with severe behavioral difficulties. I attended to the child for 24 hours for a whole week to enable the child’s parents take a break. Throughout the whole week, I had managed to form a solid relationship with the child through hard work and determination that enabled me to survive the whole week.

The post of project leader in my understanding needs someone who can take initiative to solve problems decisively whenever the need arises. To that extent, it is clear from this that the incumbent should be someone who can cope with various stages of children with different health issues and who can offer necessary breadth of experience and flexibility and I believe I have satisfied this criteria from my own personal evaluation. I believe you will reach the same conclusions on evaluating me yourselves.

Naturally, I am a very capable person, cheerful, adaptable with good interpersonal and team work skills that have been developed and enhanced through my previous employment. I would pretty much enjoy the privilege to work in a leadership position in an organization dealing with children. I believe that children are a gift from God and that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect them from harm of any nature. To better do this given my experience, I believe I can have a satisfactory impact on the lives of children from a leadership post that involves marshalling human resource to the advantage of children as opposed to individual efforts where I can not realize maximum impact for my creativity (Bliss, 1991). I have a passion for children through which I can help them lead successful early life.

Given the opportunity to attend for an interview, I can provide you with enough evidence of my passion for children and enough reasons to hire me.


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