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Root Causes of the Problems and their Impacts

Role Conflict in Decision Making: It appears that the creative efforts of the Graphic designer and the Copywriter being rejected made them to feel unappreciated. They feel belittled and incompetent. Because of this they want to quit just as the art director and the account executive before them. Overall in both cases a sense of power to influence policy decisions and behavioral patterns in trying to resolve the advertisement issue. There participatory role seems to be interfered with as there initiatives are not taken into consideration. Price asserts that leaders acquire power from individual initiatives. This is from both position and sources which are at a personal level. Lack of this appreciation makes them feel irrelevant, yet relevance is important to mangers and company decision makers. According to Price, relevance refers to the leader having the chance to exercise internal and external boundaries in terms of roles. The roles here include monitoring, evaluation, and appraisal of activities in the organization (Price 67). Further, enhancing relevance can be seen in the context of the leader participating and shaping opinion and decisions made in the company or organization (Price 97). Moreover, it appears that Manuel imagined that Ted wanted to be more recognized than him, that’s why he did not want to listen to his contrary opinion, and so the problem of visibility. Visibility involves a leader getting in touch with the other leaders above him to help him in making important presentations in terms of oral skills and enhancement of problem solving ability. Beyond this, the leader takes advantages to build his name legacy and attains respect (Price 102).

Poor Team Spirit resulting to poor motivation; The graphic designers and four of the copywriters feel that team consultation is not practiced, where all stakeholders and workers concerns/views are taken into account without being just implementers of the decisions taken by Art Directors and Account Executives. Maslow’s view is that social needs recognize that most people want to belong to a group. These would include the need for love and belonging (e.g. working with colleague who supports you at work, teamwork, communication) (Price 45). Esteem needs are about being given recognition for a job well done. They reflect the fact that many people seek the esteem and respect of others.

Poor Motivation: The motivational framework designed while recommended lacked some tenets. First introducing additional working hours without compensation is what has led to de-motivation. Price believes that motivation is an important aspect in management in organizations and it must be executed to boost performance (47). 


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