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The fitness and exercise industry has experienced tremendous growth over the years due to the changing lifestyles that demand engagement in regular physical activity. Consequently, there is wide array of gym equipments and machines that are designed to meet the different needs of people ranging from weight reduction, cardiovascular health, strength endurance, body conditioning, body building and muscle strength among others. Therefore, more gym equipments are an important part for a better gym to cater for the different needs of all clients. In addition, acquiring the right fitness and exercise equipments is major step towards improved health and fitness levels. Therefore making wise choice on your gym equipments is important if one is to enjoy years of health workouts ("Phd health and fitness").

Adding more workout equipments in my apartment is therefore important to improve the gym and meet the different needs of the clients. Gym equipments can be categorized in different ways depending on their purpose. Therefore, making informed decisions in the selection of gym equipments is an important step when one is planning on purchasing new or adding to existing ones. There are two basic types of exercise that include aerobic and weight training. The aerobic exercises are also commonly known as cardiovascular training and they raise the heart rate, improve metabolism and are useful for “fat burning”. Some common aerobic exercisers include the treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, pedal exercisers, cross trainers, stair steppers, and rowing machines among others. On the other hand weight bearing exercises are also referred to as strength training and exercise large muscle groups in the body increasing the muscle mass as well.  Some of the weight bearing exercise machines to consider for more gym equipments includes incline bench, barbells, weight sets, weight benches, workout bench, and abdominal exercisers among others. 

The purpose of gym equipments vary from one equipment to the other depending on the body part the designed to exercise, for instance,  free weights like the dumbbells, barbells, and kettle bells are easy to use and do not require a lot of space for workout. They are also easily accessible and suitable for most people. However, when one is using free weights the risk of injury is high and a spotter should be available. Weight machines are safer compared to free weights and do not require a spotter during training. On the other hand, they require more space and their cost is relatively high compared to the free weights. The cardio machines such as the treadmills, ergometer bicycles, and climbers are important equipments in any gym. They exercise most body parts and are particularly good for the heart; they are also safe and easy to use. Aerobic exercises have become an ingredient of most modern gyms and have attracted a reasonable population due to the aesthetic as well as the fitness benefits that accrue from this. Choreographed steps and music for dance, step aerobics, and tae-bo have become the trend in the contemporary fitness world ("Phd health and fitness").

Some of the features worth consideration when purchasing gym equipments include a clear display that shows user friendly controls such as the heart rate, speed, calorie and resistance levels. Gym equipments should also have programs to enable users adjust according to their fitness levels. Easily adjustable machines are appropriate to ensure a variation in the workout levels. For example, treadmills can be easily adjusted to give a specific incline and speed giving a good variation that is an important component in a work out.

In conclusion, a variety of equipment in a gym makes it better by providing a complete workout that engages most body parts. A combination of cardio and weight bearing machines enables clients to enjoy variations while at the same improve the fitness and meet their health and fitness needs. Therefore, a better gym should have more workout machines that are easily adjustable and serviceable. This will reduce the risk of injury and allow the users work efficiently while at the same time improving the overall health and fitness output.


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