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Given the rising numbers of certain complicated illnesses in the world today, doctors and other health practitioners have had a hard time juggling between administering care to the recuperating patients and handling emerging unidentified health conditions. Besides the disease management programmes that handle patients who require high and exceptional attention or those whose health conditions consume a lot of resources and money, there should also be a program that solely handles cases like jigger infestation. Such cases are always taken lightly and ignored, due to the assumption that they are caused by carelessness and dirt by people from developing countries, but contribute to bigger problems to the victims in their future.

The purpose of the program or project

The issue of jiggers has is equivalent to a plague for many people in the under-developed countries especially in Africa. Hence, this should be of serious concern to the board in its campaigns of helping the sick get better health. The board should designate a few of the staff to study this case, incorporating notable people from the entomology department to understand how to deal with the insect. The group needs to come up with ways to stop the infestation or how to reduce the cases with the target of eradicating effects and illnesses brought by jiggers, and then methods of preventing this problem should be brought up. The cases of jigger infection should not even get to hospitals and health facilities, and that is the reason the selected group should visit the places affected to handle the business from the ground. The targeted population is most in remote regions where medical facilities are scarce, and hospitals are out of reach for these people. Their feet are badly affected making them unable to walk, more worse is to the pupils who are forced out of school because they would not even get there on their feet (OECD, 2004).



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The benefits of the program or project

The program would see so many changes in the lifestyle of people infected and affected, from how they maintain cleanliness within their habitat to where they do their daily chores. Everyone, including those who watched from the news and read from newspapers would learn on the importance of keeping cleanness, for instance, doing away with dust and dirt because they are the key contributing factors to the jigger menace. The project officers would ensure that there are public addressers on the issue to create awareness that jiggers pose a real problem. Therefore, people need information on how to handle the cases. The public would get the knowledge on the advantages of using clean water and proper dumping of wastes, taking the role of improving their living standards on their own without depending on health officers. Children whose education had been cut-off would enjoy the benefits of the program and resume with their education and work toward achieving their dreams.

The cost or budget justification

Because the project is done outdoors, it requires more funding, and more resources to enable the movement of the officials to the different parts to sort out this jigger issue. There would be provisions like booklets and magazines about jiggers and how best to solve the negative issues as a result of their infestation, and so a lot of money would be spent producing copies of the materials to reach a large number of people. Because it is the first project of its kind and because the target population would be unknown as more people might come out for medical attention during the field operation, much money should be set aside in case of emergencies (Finkler, Jones & Kovner, 2012).

Evaluation of the project

Among the field materials, there should be data analysis tables to be completed. Here, the records of patients present and observations about their improvement over a given period are taken. Different approaches in treating the infected people would be used, and recordings made on how effective each of the methods worked to evaluate on the best ways of fighting the menace.

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Although jiggers are one of the least infectious insects, they could create a substantial catastrophe if left inside the body of human beings, and would worsen if their numbers are not controlled. They are; however, one of the easiest to control and the problems they cause is out of people’s carelessness and being unclean.


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