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Art deals with an ability to fabricate images of individual’s perceptions, which include the environment, thoughts and emotions. These are the images that people see, think of and feel. Different works of art have been used to present various ideals in various religions. The use of visual art like painting, drawing, and sculpture has found its roots into many religions; visual art has been used by many religions including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Paintings and sculptures were used in different ways, for example, stained glass in church windows, and illuminating walls were used as means to communicate the messages from their gods to a mainly illiterate community. Sculptures are also used in different religions; for example, effigies in some religions are worshipped and thus bring out the subject of idolatry. These sculptures were carved in wood or stone. The samples of architecture like soaring interiors in temples and windows were also employed to communicate a nonrepresentational and conceptual insinuation.

Different cultures have commemorated the dead in different ways; some use to bury their loved ones in the greatest manner and care, while other cultures prefer to erect lifelike sculptures on hills facing their village to remind them that the dead are looking down on them. The Hindus, for example, cremate the bodies and keep the ashes in special containers placed in their houses. In some African cultures, the dead were wrapped in animal skin while buried, but nowadays the dead are accorded special treatment such as being buried in golden coffins. Some cultures choose to commemorate the dead in different forms, where the whole mourning period can take up to several weeks, while the Muslims, for example, choose to bury the dead within hours after an individual passes away. The hard economic time has, however, influenced the most of these practices in such a way that they are not observed and hence, people choose to bury the dead in cemeteries. It should be noticed that the way different religions commemorate the death of individuals is influenced by the different beliefs about the afterlife.


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