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Inequality against women is extremely rife in the Middle Eastern and North African countries, women are restricted on many aspects of life including owning property and vying for political seats. Women are not allowed to own land; land ownership is solely left for men, the justification for this is that when women get married, they leave their families to go and leave in their husband’s home. Women are also not allowed to inherit ancestral land for the same reason. It is a tradition that ancestral land should never be sold and if women were allowed to inherit the land, they would sell it since they are already settled where they are married i.e. at their husbands home, thus selling of this ancestral property breaks the customs and traditions.

In politics, women are regarded as subjects to their husbands and they are not supposed to go against their husbands’ will. Most men have inferiority complex, this makes them think that if their wives prosper politically, they will be powerful than them hence, they deny their women a chance to participate in politics. Women who boldly decide to partake in politics are prone to violence and face hostility in terms of physical abuse and psychological torture. The men want to justify this inequality by stating that women are emotionally fragile and cannot handle the political storms. The situation is even worse mostly in the Middle Eastern countries to the extent that women are not allowed to drive, and if found, it is an offense that attracts a fine and even jailed. This policy has received condemnation worldwide.

Women groups and organizations have fought to end this inequality using various routes. Firstly, they have filed cases in court asking for a fair playing ground with their male counterparts in the political arena, and have also been vocal and are now vying for various elective seats in their respective countries. Women organizations are sensitizing their fellow women about their rights in marriage and families. They have advocated for women to be allowed to inherit and own properties.


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