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Free «National Information Infrafrastrure» Essay Sample

Adequate information is very essential when it comes to matters concerning health. There is the need to have information about diseases, prevention activities and risk factors. Availability of such data will enable public health officers to detect and report diseases in a timely manner. This paper will discuss three core points in order to create a national information infrastructure on health matters (Shortliffe & Cimino, 2006).

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One of the issues to be addressed is provision of adequate funds to the healthcare sector. Matters pertaining to information need considerable capital investments. Data collection, preparation, analysis and processing are very expensive. There will therefore be the need to concentrate on collection of adequate data for it will be essential in identifying the diseases that are most prevalent and adequate measures can be taken (Lumpkin & Richards, 2002).

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Employment of additional public healthcare personnel will also be of great importance. These officers will increase efficiency in generation of conclusions on the data that is collected. Those who collect data do not have the ability to give inferences on the data. Once the data is collected, those officer will carry out investigation on the collected samples  and provide relevant information to healthcare department (Lumpkin & Richards, 2002).

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Finally, there is also the need of increase in technology on information collection and dissemination. Introduction of multimedia data transfer in all centers is of paramount importance. Furthermore, use of digital cameras and other modern techniques will facilitate timely reporting of diseases. All the healthcare sectors should be modified in a way that it is possible to transmit and receive data electronically (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 1995).

Once these three factors are addressed, it will be possible to have an effective National Health Information Infrastructure. Information will be available to public and any other interested parties; consequently, diseases will be identified and prevented at an early stage.

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