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An interview can be an overwhelming experience for an individual if they are not emotionally prepared for the undertaking. In fact, one get exceptionally uneasy to an extent that they are unable to respond fluently and end up fidgeting. An impromptu interview can also prove to be a daunting task given a person had no time to prepare both physically and mentally. First, students are the least experienced group of persons when it comes to undertaking interviews. Furthermore, whatever interview they have taken part in does not hold a lot of weight in their lifetime as compared to adults.

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Amongst students, interviews serve the purpose of transition from one academic level to the subsequent. In other occasions interviews are conducted to assess a student’s academic competence to join an institution of learning in case of a transfer. However, most school interviews carried out in class are solely follow up interviews. These interviews are intended to create awareness amongst students of their academic journey and the prerequisite of an interview overall. Besides, they also create awareness amongst students regarding their identity or rather their self image. Thus, they grow up to aprereciate who they are at a particular stages of life and can later look back when they are grown up.

Typical interview questions entail what type of dressing they use, sweaters, inner garments, pajamas and shoes. Another prominent question is about a student’s favorite food. Students are also asked of their favorite color, what their favorite food is and their favorite movie or television show. Other habitual interview questions revolve around past activities especially those undertaken during the school holidays. For instance:

what was you most enthralling experience past summer?

what was your most memorable moment during the summer?

what was your favorite activity at home?

what was are you actually good at?

where did tour last summer?


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