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Truly, most people would argue patents are viable and exceptionally significant for a business in terms of competitive advantage to acquire an appreciable market share. In the last series of four years, the United States patent and trademark office has given a score of patents related to e-commerce business techniques. As a result, innumerable conglomerates have taken great advantage of the patent system to get their hands on spirited advantage over their competitors.

For instance, the Amazon is among the e-commerce giants of the United States with such competitive advantage with a prominent patent that pertains a single click (1-click) shopping lug. In fact, most e-commerce business out there in the market are keen to safeguard their patents and habitually encounter legal battles to sue any business that might have infringed their patents. Quintessentially, the court handled a petition by Amazon seeking a penalty against Barnes & Noble fore imitating Amazon’s shopping cart method. In fact, the Barnes & Noble were hit hard by the plead since the court ruled in favor of Amazon forcing the conglomerate to adjust its Web site to a different technique that did not resemble Amazon’s hence the competitive advantage Amazon commands over them (Delta and matsuura 27).

This is an explicit indication of how the use of patents in e-commerce has impacted the distribution of market share amongst various business outfits. In essence, a company’s dexterousness in coming up with patentable techniques seem a substantial matter in modern era of e-commerce. However, it takes quite a great deal of time and a lengthy legal process to acquire a patent. Additionally, it comes at a heavy cost. For instance, Amazon’s one click(1-click) shopping lug technology has not gone undisputed (Delta and matsuura 29). It has been questioned and thoroughly criticized by many parties in the e-commerce industry. This was done in a legal manner hence the expensive legal process in which Amazon had to defend its technology.

There are thousands of patents awarded to e-commerce businesses which are a valuable resource in obtaining venture capital and making an outstanding brand on a particular industry. Therefore, the significance of patents in e-commerce business cannot be overlooked.


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