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From sociological perspective, Conflict can be termed as the disagreement that results from groups of people as a result of having different opinions, needs, beliefs, values, attitude to mention but just a few. The big question we need to ask ourselves is; can we have conflict within our own selves, and if so how can we deal with it professionally?  Various principles have for many years been employed to overcome challenges that arise whenever there is conflicts. Some of the techniques that have been employed include:  Analyzing the conflict, determining strategy for managing the conflict, Pre-negotiationNegotiation and Post-negotiation (sociological, 2008).

Conflict can arise from within or without. Personal health and well being have been considered as one of the avenue that ignites conflict that arises from within. It is thus imperative for us to understand principles of conflict management in order to equitably deal with internal conflict.

Personal health and conflicts

To live healthily requires a lot of sacrifice in terms of food to eat, when to exercise, intensity of exercises as well as foregoing so many other things that make life easier and more enjoyable. Looking at the earlier mentioned ways of dealing with conflict, we have to understand well the causative agents of conflict as we strive to attain good personal health. It will be of importance to analyze the factors so that we can be better placed to come up with strategies of overcoming the vise. An example is when one craves for junk food which doesn’t auger well with health and well being of individual. This means one will need to come up with measures that will deal with this problem and may include an understanding of side effects of junk food to our health and complication that can arise from eating such kind of food. In other words, some elements must be compromised in order to achieve overall body well being.

In summary, principles of conflict management look at the best way of handling conflict and avoiding its occurrence. Though conflict is both positive and negative, the principles can be employed to attain personal health when well applied and adhered to.


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