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Omerta was the ritual in which adolescent men were instigated into the undisclosed culture of the Mafia. It developed into the modern Mafia tradition of Mafiosi being made, that is, when they are permitted into the central office of the Mafia kin. One of the necessities for association in the contemporary Mafia clan is to have murdered a big shot or to have contributed in an assassination, even if he hasn’t pulled the trigger. (Maier, 2008)

The contemporary mafia and its code dates back to the Old-World rituals of the prehistoric Sicilian civilization. In accumulation to the declaration of Omerta, a second constituent of the Mafia policy is a guarantee of full attachment and faithfulness to the leader of the clan, or don. This hails from the antique background of monarchs and the celestial right of kings. Surrounded by monarchs, the intelligent kings resolute that there could be no opposition or confrontation of the monarch, as it was God's willpower that the emperor was on the throne.

An extra resource of the Mafia institution of overall submission to the don was the feudal organization. This medieval communal makeup had a feudal aristocrat in his citadel ruling over the peasant group. The peasants were called as Serfs who worked the territory and the bulk of the production to the fortress and they had just adequate enough for themselves. This old ritual is passed on in the contemporary Mafia, where the people on the lesser steps of the hierarch labor for the betterment of those on top of them. (Maier, 2008)

Code number three of the Sicilian Mafia was the responsibility to propose assistance to anyone present in the clan who needed help and any human being or assembly with relationship to the Mafia that requires help. The brutal faithfulness to friends and uniformly severe resentment to any person who is an outsider is a foundation stone of the old world and the new world mafia.

The fourth code pursued by the Mafia is the commitment to inquire about retaliation in opposition to anyone who attacks an associate of the family. In its very limited agreement, the Sicilian Mafia experienced a battering on one associate of the clan as an assault on the family overall. Vendetta is the old mafia term for it. Unlike the American Mafia, the Sicilian Mafia intended to kill the entire families of the person who offended them. (Maier, 2008)


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