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In order to analyze an e-commerce website we evaluate that eBay functions in the same manner as a contemporary flee bazaar and in numerous ways eBay functions in the same method as the older Mercantilism approach of economic structure. Merchants collect jointly to purchase and advertise their items, but contrasting to the previous markets these businesses now congregate on the internet. And Ebay itself is the major merchant or the vendor of the community marketplace in a manner of speaking. (Cabral, 22-58)

eBay is an e-commerce contributor of marketplaces for the transactions of items and services. In addition to this, it also offers trade, proposals and online expenditure services to communities and commerce. The e-commerce website functions in America and also in other worldwide markets. The headquarters of eBay is in San Jose, California and occupies 17,700 employees, which also comprises a number of part time employees. (Wishnick, 2405-2419)

eBay associate marketers were initially compensated a proportion of the eBay seller's business fees, with costs varying from 50 percent to 75 percent of the fees compensated for an article bought. eBay converted to an associate disbursement arrangement that it named Quality Click Pricing, in 2009.  Through this system affiliates are compensated by a quantity resoluted by an unrevealed algorithm. The whole amount which is earned is later divided by the figure of clicks the partner sent to the website as well as is accounted as EPC or Earnings Per Click.



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By April 2012, eBay documented a 29% Q1 revenue boost to $3.3 billion contrasted to their Q1 in the year 2011. Net earnings were accounted to be $570 million for the quarter. (Cabral, 22-58) 

eBay’s Business Model

eBay has created an online one to one commercial community online, employing the WWW. Consumers and vendors are gathered jointly in an approach where vendors are allowed to catalog objects for auction, consumers to offer on objects of concern and each eBay user to explore through mentioned goods in an entirely automated manner. The goods are categorized by themes and every kind of auction has its own grouping. (Black, 50-59)

Exploring and proposing on auctions is absolutely free, but vendors have to pay two types of fee charges: When an object is put up on eBay an Insertion Fee has to be paid which is non refundable varying between 30 cents to $3.30 which depends on the vendor’s initial proposal on the object. A payment is charged for extra catalog alternatives to encourage the article, for instance bold or highlighted listing.

Another fee, which the final sale price fee, is collected when the auction has been carried out. This payment usually varies from 1.25 percent to 5 percent of the concluding transaction cost. eBay alerts the consumer and vendor through an email when the auction concludes if a bid surpasses the seller's lowest price, and the supplier and purchaser come to an end of the transaction autonomously without eBay. The binding agreement of the sale is among the winning bidder and the retailer only. (van Voorhees, 1199-1217) 

Where does eBay stand in the marketplace?

Since access to the internet business is worldwide, and the material assets mandatory to establish an auctioning e-commerce website are all physically obtainable, hurdles to emerge in the auctioning trade are negligible. Being present in a selling business with massive network outwardness makes it tremendously complicated for a competitor to obtain a bulky part of the internet clients, as most users have a tendency to descend towards the website which already presents the majority of users as it will supposedly have the most number of contributions. This incredible switching charge has the outcome of locking in purchasers on a particular auction website which in our case is eBay. (Wishnick, 2405-2419)

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An e-commerce website can reproduce another website’s advancements online, the chief dexterous competitors can lower the value of their service and that’s precisely what Yahoo and Amazon have done. (van Voorhees, 1199-1217)

At present eBay is expanding to markets abroad. eBay is in 80 percent of its principal in Asian e-commerce markets. eBay is registering users 50 percent quicker in Europe as compared to that in the United States, and gross retail sales are increasing 135 percent more rapidly. The quicker it expands the more firmly will it maintain its peak spot in the auctioning business.


Two online heavyweights have emerged in the markets which are Amazon and Yahoo. Amazon is in corporation with the famous auctioneer Sotheby's. These rivals have not only longer functioning histories but superior user base and better product acknowledgment. So how come eBay presently manage more than 80 percent of the online selling marketplace leaving Yahoo and Amazon behind? I believe the answer is in a mixture of frugality and first mover benefit eBay employed their first mover lead commendably, rapidly and continuously structuring a commercial place of consumers and vendors. (van Voorhees, 1199-1217)


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