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The United States of America is among the countries in the world that is endowed with one of the strongest armies. Since pre-colonial times, this army has undergone continued advancements in terms of skills and governance. This has led to the formation of a strong army that is seen in the United States today. Before the United States of America gained independence, it had gone through a series of wars, therefore, some of which they won while losing others. Since then, United States’ army has undergone varying trainings so as to see it strong. This paper focuses on what United States has done in order to strengthen its army, and the role that army leaders have played.

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There are several things that United States did in order to strengthen its army. The United States soldiers have had slogans that have helped them to abide to their work. These slogans have been changing with time so as to have a strong sense of their unity. Moreover, soldiers have been exposed to continuous working environment, which has been grueling to strengthen the mental toughness of the soldiers. Through this, an army is trained to endure agonizing pain and even withstand harsh conditions of life. Besides, they were exposed to heavy schooling in use of their weapons. Advanced training exercises were invented to sharpen their skills. It was during these hard trainings that the army were instructed on how to strike and counter from all strokes of their swords.

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There was also introduction of leadership in the army. This leadership was hierarchical, ranging from the most senior leader to the troops. These leaders had roles that they played according to their levels of governance. They had to analyze every movement that soldiers made while training and in the battle field.

In conclusion, basing on the above argument of my research, the United States military is not in the state of superiority by chance, but by long endurance and determination. It is a journey that has taken a long time to reach where it is now. Therefore, good governance is essential for the progress of any institution or organization.

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