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Panic disorder is an anxiety condition characterized by the unexpected and spontaneous occasion of panic attacks. The occurrence can differ from numerous attacks in a day to a few attacks annually. Panic attacks as a form of anxiety, can occur in other related anxiety disorders, however, it occurs without noticeable unsurprising precipitant in panic disorder. Therefore, panic disorders are an interlude of strong panic in which 4 of 13 distinct symptoms and signs develop suddenly and peak quickly in less than 10 minutes from sign onset (McNally, 2007).

 To create the diagnosis of panic disorder, fear attacks cannot physiologically or psychologically arise from substance use, another psychiatric disorder, or medical conditions. The disorder has been linked to behavioral changes in an individual depending on the prevailing life situations. 

The disorder might also comprise of major behavioral changes lasting at least a month and constant anxiety in an individual undergoing the problem or allusions, or concern about having other types of attacks psychologically, Panic attacks may alter a person’s behavior and function at home, or work. Individuals with the panic disorder are often anxious about the impacts that result from panic attacks. Some other causes of panic disorder have been linked to biological effects. There are also some facts for a genetic disposition, for example, if a family associate has been previously diagnosed from panic disorder, there is an increased risk of a family member suffering from it, particularly during a time in life that is principally traumatic (McNally, 2007).

  Therefore, this makes the disorder in some cases to be inherited by the family members. In addition, panic disorder may be classified as a medical situation, or a condition of chemical imbalance. The main signs and symptom of panic disorder is the constant panic of having future panic attacks. If the panic persists for a longer time, an individual should be advised to seek medical attention (Hinton & Good, 2009).


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