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Media is a modern day equipment for transferring information and tangible material from one place of the globe to another. This is a making of the modern time since it was not in existence some years back. Modern media takes the form of an effective, affluent, and human-friendly mode of information transfer between the sender and receiver with less interference and time wastage. This piece of writing reiterates the fact that modern media has affected, and yet to influence elections in the world.

Modern media include such devices and technological undertakings as use of the website, internet, Radio broadcasts, You tubes, Mails, and many others. In African countries for example, the media has influenced presidential elections both in the positive and negative ways. These approaches of communication have fastened election activities. For instance, the media has enabled many electioneers reach as many supporters or receivers of their information as possible. There is no need for one to make regular travels from one station to another in a bid to elect or report what has just taken place. Newspapers have enabled a swift transfer of hard-copied information to the most remote parts of the world.

The media has made every individual within the scribe of elections to be reached and fed with every bit of information regarding the elections. In the modern times, many people make use of phones and computers to access, assess, evaluate, and even make their valuable decisions as regards individual leaders to be elected. Therefore, it can be said that the modern media has played a role in bringing effectiveness and efficiency to the entire activity (Williams 35). The media has made it possible to handle larger populace of individuals with much succinctness and durability. For instance, managing and complementing the election in the entire country can only be done with much swiftness, ease, and accuracy by use of the modern media technologies and skills. Moreover, the modern media has become a tool of assessing, evaluating, and modernizing every activity either humanitarian or mechanical, to take the form of the set objectives and priorities. For instance, it is very cheap for world leaders to gather and make a formalized and universal decision than it was in the past. The media has played a formidable role in such cases.

On the other hand, the media has been a subject of much crime and irregularities in the election activities in the world. Many individuals involved in the media have managed to flaw and pent the truthfulness of the election results with malice and incorrectness. Moreover, the media has also been used to prejudice the undertakings of the election participants as leaders and the government as a whole. All in all, modern media has brought much ease, accuracy, and save on time in the imperative elections in the world (Stevens 45).


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