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Skiez Round Consultancies Enterprise

The name of the social enterprise is “Skiez Round Consultancies.” The consultancy enterprise is an entity of the young professional individuals who have joined hands in offering the modern, sophisticated, practical, and easy –to-access consultancy services in the field of global warming. It is a business initiative striving at gaining and reusing the obtained profits in the global market. The individuals exemplified by the enterprise are graduate professionals who have imperative and comparative knowledge and skills on matters relating to global warming; its stoppage, remedy measures, and future human actions as regards the topic. The enterprise operates at a minimal and modeled profit realization policy.

Skiez enterprise endeavors at offering the best and up-to-date consultancies and advisory undertaking on the issue of global warming. Global warming is a facet, which has rocked the world of its impending effects and significance in the general human, plant, and animal life. The environment is a basic necessity, which exemplifies life. Hence, the consultancy enterprise offers modern and based-on-research advices on the topic. The enterprise has been set to operate at an economic model of not more than $1.5million.

Skiez enterprise offers its services round the globe. As replicated by its name, the enterprise operates globally over the modern internet media. The global website advocated and made practical by the company ensures that recipients of its advisory consultancies access the information at the comfort of their location. One of the features being replicated and succinctly used by the enterprise is to deliver research-based information on global warming. With the understanding that global warming is still a mystery to many people, and yet serves as a controversial field of research, the enterprise takes up this opportunity to offer its consultancy advocacies.

The consultancy makes use of a minimal financial structure and budget globally. It offers solutions to the impending problems on global warming, and what it can be done to accommodate the whole issue in the world. Moreover, the enterprise participates in distributing relevant information through the internet and other modes of global communication.


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