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Generally the holistic study of evolution is multidisciplinary and involves a wide range of scientist (McDowell, 2007). Physical anthropologists are much more concerned with the evolution of human and non human primates (McDowell, 2007). The physical anthropologist also studies the variation of humans as well as biological evolution of human behaviour. Physical anthropology is a comparative study of the physical attributes of humans. Palaeontology which is the study of the fossil hominids is a branch of physical anthropology (McDowell, 2007). In addition, it involves the study of today’s racial breeding populations. Primatology is also a branch of physical anthropology and involves the study of all primates including monkeys and apes (McDowell, 2007).

Cultural anthropologists study the cultural evolution of human beings. Cultural evolution refers to the evolution of ideas, morals, knowledge, minds and technology in the society (Haselhurst & Karene, 2009). All these aspect for the culture in a society and evolve over time Humans have evolved under the influence of nature as they attempted to survive. A study into the culture of man and that of other primates in the past will help predict the future. In the past nature was very influential in mans daily life. However, this has changed with the development of technology. Humans have learnt how to live in harmony as a species thereby concentrating their efforts on developing better technology and ways of living in order to enhance survival. The early development of culture involved the sharing of food however this has evolved to the modern day civilization. Physical anthropology and cultural anthropology are closely interlinked. By studying fossil hominins we are able to determine the order the stages of cultural evolution took place (Haselhurst & Karene, 2009). For example the capacity to develop tools developed with the evolution of humans.


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