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The December festive season is almost here with us again. This is the time where each and every shopping mall is a bee hive of activities. The last two days towards this big day are extremely busy. Majority of the people are found in the last minute rush moving from one stall to the next buying new clad and gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, my mother and I were also finishing our selection on the last Sunday, a day before this wonderful day.

A lot of people were in the supermarket. The parking was fully loaded. We were lucky enough to arrive early to find a place to park. Some minutes to noon we got into a jewelry stall when out of nowhere there was a big explosion. What struck my mind first was that an earthquake had ensued. I immediately started sweating trembling like a leave on cold weather. On looking back, I was met with people lying down swimming in blood. Women and children were screaming and pieces of glass were lying all over. Some people were running out of the shopping mall and the place resembled hell.

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Within a blink of an eye, the police arrived at the scene accompanied by two ambulances for offering first aid to the injured people. It then dawned on me that the explosion had been caused by a bomb which had been planted in one of the stall. After several questions from the police, we excused ourselves and left for home. Although my mother and I managed to escape unhurt, I could not help but to shed tears because we escaped narrowly. Later in the news that evening, it was confirmed that three people had lost their lives as a result of that explosion while a good number were still nursing injuries. It was a horrible experience.

Since that day, the bloody images of injured people still occur in most of my dreams and I even sometimes scream late at night. This has affected me psychologically and I have been visiting a psychiatrist quite often to help me overcome this. My life was completely changed since that day although am trying very hard to get over this.

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