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The main goal of this report is to show how the Kaisei project faired during it tour to save the aquatic life. The main objective of this project is to save the marine environment and eventually save the marine life. The goal of the project is to come up with ways to collect or reduce floating waste in the oceans. Currently the project is working on new technologies that will help reduce the waste through recycling of waste that it constantly deposited into the sea or oceans. The recycling program will help to device ways in which the waste can be used to create or make new products. This will in turn reduce the cleanup of the sea by large proportions.

The project has completed only two expeditions, the first one in summer 2009, and the second one in 2010. The expedition was used to gather useful information and data that will be used to create and make a clean marine life. According to the data collected the world is at risk of losing its marine life due to pollution and deposits of none biodegradable material in the sea and oceans. The expedition’s preliminary data showed the need to increase the rate of recycling in order to avoid the danger of losing the marine life and environment. Recycling will greatly help to reduce the time and labor cost used in cleaning up the oceans and seas.

The initial program was to collect 40 tons of debris. The collection is done using a special net designed to only collect the waste and not to catch fish. The project also tests new methods of recycling waste and garbage collection. Therefore, the result after the data was analyzed the project was to launch a full commercial cleanup program with the help of other vessels. If this is a success the program will kick off within 18 months.


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