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Free «Magazine Production» Essay Sample

In magazine production, many things are put into consideration, for example, the intended customer, the intended magazine, the promotion strategy, and market. If all these are in place then the magazine will be a success; however, the quality must be high.

It is vital for a writer to choose the magazine to write keenly, considering the amount of information in the world. However, the world is changing at an extraordinarily high rate, and it is essential to note the changing trends in the world. Currently sixty percent of the world population is made of the youth; therefore, it is vital to consider such information before developing a magazine. In addition, the youths are known to consider sports as part of their life; therefore this provides an excellent opportunity to a person that is trying to set up a sports magazine. For example, there are many soccer fans internationally, and they are always looking for information from all sources available; this has already provided a ready market for a sports magazine. In order for a magazine to be successful, information flow must be constant, and the world has various sports competitions going on daily. For example, sometime this month the Olympics will provide a constant source of information. After the Olympics, the English Premier League is bound to start in August, and this is the most watched football event in the world, and it will go on till May next year.



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While writing about sport, it is notable that most adverts are done by celebrities and this would also provide an instant source of income to the producers of the magazines. Therefore, the magazine will attain or rather hit two birds with a single stone. It will focus on the lifestyles of the sports celebrities and, in turn, highlight the sports events.

Therefore, this magazine will be a general interest magazine, because it will focus or it will meet the requirements of versatile audiences. The magazine will also show various pictures and will focus on topics that are of general interest. Sports are considered a form of entertainment; therefore, it will be an entertaining magazine to read. As a marketing strategy, the information in the magazine should be appealing to the reader to create a constant hunger for the product (Lori 25).

Being a magazine that will focus on the international sports, the magazine will be a weekly magazine that will give the weeks’ progress and developments in sports. This is because there are various forms of media that provide information about spots; however, detailed information is not easily attained in sports, and that is why I feel that the sports sector has been ignored for a long time. An international magazine that will focus on the various details in the sports segment is lacking in the world. Most sports fans wish they had a single picture of their favorite players. This magazine being a sports source will provide them with an easy way out of this problem. For example, the cover page will be selected among the best plays of the week which are provided by various competitions. The N.F.L, for example, provides the player of the week; this is similar to the English Premier League. Therefore, it is necessary to tap into this window of opportunity that is not utilized, since most magazines in the world focus mostly on fashion. The name of the magazine will focus on the sports agenda that will be the main focus of the magazine. When naming a brand it is necessary to consider the trend in the topic being discussed. For example, the proposed name for the magazine should be short and eye catching in order to attract instant customers, as well as advertise itself. The Sport Light is a perfect name for this new magazine as is shows the various goals the company tries to attain. The goal of this magazine is to shed light on sports and sections of the sports that have been considered not necessary, before. However, while doing this it is necessary to consider the changing trends in the world market, for example, the magazine must be able to attract the advertisers in order to attain continuity. The proposal to focus on sports is highly driven by the large fan base that is out there waiting for a magazine, which will provide a source and a way of showing their commitment and allegiance.

This being an international magazine its market coverage is large and wide; therefore, it will require a strong organization to oversee its distribution into the market. However, despite the distribution of the magazine posing a serious problem, it is to the greater benefit, as it will be able to reach many customers; thus, it will generate more income. Most countries including the third world countries have established stores and malls that can be used to distribute the magazine.

In addition, this magazine will be available online; therefore, this will help to reach the fans that are able to access the internet. In the internet, it will be sold at a fee that is considerable, and visitors to the site will have to pay an amount for subscription. In addition, the magazine will be distributed to stores that have wide coverage in their respective countries; this will enable a large coverage of the fan base. This will help reach the customers that are located in distant parts of the world.

Similar to other magazines there will be sections for guest writers and comments from the readers; this will enhance perfect communication with customers and readers. Therefore, this will increase the chances of future developments for the magazine. Despite the magazine being a sports magazine, its content is bound to change with the trend in the sports industry. The sports celebrities have been termed as the most fashionable; therefore, it will be ignorance, if the magazine does not stretch out and conspire looking at the fashion trends that are being used by the celebrities. However, there will be also a section for constant journalists that will be selected to write for the magazine. The consistency in journalist provides readers with a sense of belonging that is why the magazine must have journalists that are constant.

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Quality is the main need of the customers; the customers consider the quality of any product before buying it for his or her use. Therefore, considering the quality of the magazine is of paramount importance, since high quality will ensure strong need for the magazine, and, in turn, it will provide high profits. The design will also be put into consideration as the magazines layout will ensure easy reading for the customers. On the other hand, the photographs should also be of high quality in the magazine, and they should be fully colored and clear to capture the readers’ attention. This exceptional quality will ensure that the customers’ needs will be attained and, in turn, they will always look forward to the next edition (Lori 16).

The reader is the most valuable asset of the magazine, as stated earlier the magazine will provide a section that will enable customers to send their feedback to the editors. This will help attain all the customers’ needs. Most people might question the availability of readers, and this can be attained by considering the number of the sports fans in the world. It is evident all over the globe that there are different sports, and this variety will provide information to the magazine. However, some of these sports are not known to the world, and this will provide education grounds to people that are adventurous in nature. The readers will be provided with constant information that is informative and true. In order to quench this thirst, the magazine will provide a section that will constantly focus on new sports and the way they are played.

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The magazine has vast potential to attract advertisers as it provides a base for them to conduct their business globally. Producers of sports kits and equipments can use the magazine to reach a large number of people in the world; it is through this channel that the magazine will make massive profits. On the other hand, the clubs can also use the magazine to advertise the sale of their merchandise and other products that come with the game the clubs play. For example, in Europe, the football fans buy jerseys of the teams that they support; this trend is reaching other continents in the world. The magazine, being an international brand, will be used by the advertisers for marketing their products globally (Lori 26).

Similar to other products in the world competition is always growing, and this is the reason that must push the company to produce high quality magazine. In the information sector, competition is strong, and it is necessary for any company to develop its products continuously. The internet is the main competition as every established sport has a web page that its fans can use to get any information about the clubs and the sports, at large. The internet has provided cheap and easy ways to get information on any subject; this, in turn, is killing the print media. However, there are those sports fans that are dedicated to reading and having printed picture of their favorite players in the hand. These are the customers that are targeted by this magazine, they are neglected by other media forms, and it is through this magazine that they will get their needs attended.

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The plan on the launch should be before the Olympics in order to get the world most serious competition highlighted. It is by launching the magazine in this time that it will capture the much needed attention in the world. It is also at the point of time that favorable information can be easily attained. In terms of promotion strategy, the magazine will be advertised in the leading television channels worldwide, and through the internet. The internet is largely used, and it will provide a favorable ground to promote and advertise the magazine in the world. In other countries, the magazine will be advertised by local television stations and through banners and posters in the main streets. However, putting in mind that this will be a magazine of high quality, its fame will spread instantly (Lori 56).

In conclusion, the magazine will be one of a kind, and it will be a desire of many sports fan to have a copy of the magazine. However, the above issues must be put into consideration, and the magazine will be an outstanding success.


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